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July Birthdays

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Today we celebrated birthdays ~ Steve's 65th (today!), Ella's 13th (23rd) ~  I made the usual Sunday brunch - scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage links, hash brown potatoes, assorted fruits, coffee cake and as a treat we had Krispie Kreme donuts!  After the food, came the gifts....Ella still gets so excited for that!  I have a hard time remembering when my birthday was a cause for excitement or a celebration for that matter! haha!    Ella is lucky this year, she will be feted again on her actual birthday this Saturday when we are all up north at the Cherrington reunion! 


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My last entry was in March...time flies whether one is having fun or not - and it is time to get back to posting!  It has been a gorgeous summer so far...gardens a-blooming, traveling a-plenty, birds, bees, wildlife keeping me smiling.....

Please, come back to visiting me here....I have missed you all!!

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