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Birthday Girl

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Must remember to wish our niece Caitlin a very Happy Birthday, and all good wishes for the coming year!!  She is earnestly looking for a position as an attorney, having graduated nearly one year ago from St. Thomas School of Law.  (adding her to my prayer list of those who have been out of work for way too long!!)  I hope she gets the best bday gift - a job!!

Photo Albums

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We have shelves full of photo albums - about 40 years worth - and I just finished two more to add to our collection!  The latest two are from our trip to Honolulu and I had great pleasure working with the photos, all the while remembering back to the wonderful time we had. 

I am also remembering back to last year at this time when we were planning our trip to Europe - it all seems like a dream now, that we actually went to six different countries and had the most fantastic time!!  Memories to last a lifetime...

Didn't forget...

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...just didn't get at it!  That is, to say

Happy Birthday dear Gloria, and many more returns of the day to you!!

We celebrated her birthday a day early, on Thursday of this past week, by going out to lunch at Ruth's Keystone Cafe, and then a walk through the plant nursery  and Yellow Cottage Gifts at Sullivan's Hardware.  The weather was still nice and warm that day, unlike now when it has turned rather raw and gray.  It is fun to mark birthdays in simplem, fun ways like we did!


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In the past month alone, our family has had five old friends pass to their eternal reward.   One was a school friend of mine and my brothers, too young to go at age 57.  The other four had lived full lives, but their passing is sad nonetheless.  My parents have been to four funerals in Pine City this year, and on Saturday they will attend yet another one.  They had just seen him at the funeral of a mutual dear friend two weeks ago.  I am saddened at the thought of these good friends no longer living. 

I am especially saddened at the death of my best friend Glor's mother, Flora - I spent so many hours at Glor's house, and her mom was ever cheerful, kind and interested in what we were up to!!  When Matthew was born she made a huge, beautiful fabric picture of "Wynken, Blynken and Nod" - in a red wooden frame, made by Glor's dad.  Through all the years it has always had a place on the wall, first in Matthew's bedroom, then in Taylor's and now it hangs in "the girl's bedroom" here.  I hope some day in the distant future it will hang in a great-granchild's bedroom. 

All of these good people lived lives to be proud of, and leave scores of loved ones behind.  It is a sombering reminder, and in the words of Fanny Crosby, the great hymn writer who lived to be 95 years of age:

Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.

Chefs in the kitchen

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Today we had Taylor, Melissa and girls here for brunch after church.  It is really getting to be something, how much help Delaney and Ella are in the kitchen.  For the first time, Delaney made the scrambled eggs from start to finish - cracked 10 eggs, whipped them up in the mixer, put a big bunch of butter in the frying pan and cooked the eggs to a perfect finish!!  Ella took care of the fruit plate - what a deal!  Pretty soon I will just sit back and drink a mimosa while they prepare the whole meal for me!


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Another nice day, and made even more so by the weekly visit from Delaney and Ella.  They are such good helpers - they can handle almost any job on "the list"! 

Today they helped carry old boxes up from the basement for Steve to break down for recycling.  Next they Swiffered all of our wood floors and then wiped them clean with damp cloths.  Heading outside, they raked up piles of acorns from under the oak tree, bagged them up and we took them over to the woods to dump out.  They also bagged up newspapers which we then took over to our church recycling dumpster. 

 It was lunchtime by then, and Delaney made herself a fried egg and 2 toasts and sliced apples. For Ella she made a peanut butter hot dog  (what we call peanut butter spread in a hot dog bun!!), apple slices and yogurt. While Ella rested, and Steve worked on the computer, Delaney and I went to the grocery store for a few things. 

Then at 3 o'clock we all headed over to the YMCA to swim. Steve went in the pool with them this time while I watched the fun!  We came home and had time to eat some pizza for supper before Taylor came to pick Ella up.  Delaney is spending the night, and the highlights have been watching the local boys of Butler University win their NCAA playoff game and seeing the "Super Moon" in the eastern sky!

All in all, a wonderful Saturday!

Gardening Season 2011 Officially Begins

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Yesterday and today I have done some gardening work outside, cleaning up the front landscaping of leaves and sticks etc, and trimming back rose bushes, lavender, and fall mums.  I was happy to find tulips, daffodils, irises and lilies all up about 3 or 4 inches.  In bloom are crocuses, and ready to bloom is the pussy willow tree and forsythia bush.  Buds are on the big trees, grass is greening up, goldfinches are showing some yellow feathers and I saw a red-winged blackbird the other day - all signs of spring!!  Today for a treat, I bought some beautiful pansies and put them in several planters outside.  It is so exciting, these first few chores of the new season!!

Ya sure you betcha I'm Irish

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Wishing everyone a Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

I can actually claim a bit o'Irishness:  A am one-half Norwegian (my mother is 100%), one-fourth German (my dad is one-half), and almost nearly one-fourth English (my dad again- but the almost nearly includes my one Irish GreatGreat Grandmother who was a Gillilan).

But anyway, who cares - on March 17 everyone is Irish!!

More of Mr. Shakespeare

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This afternoon Gloria and I reprised our "Shakespeare's Sonnets" program for Sharon's poetry group at First Friends Church. We first presented this a year ago for our Poetry Plus group, and then Delaney and I did a portion of it for Great Gr & Gr Hatfield last summer.

There were ten ladies and one husband in attendence, and everyone seemed to enjoy listening, and at the end participating in the "fill in the missing words" of commonly used phrases of Shakespeare.  After we were finished, the one lone gentlemen came to talk to us, and said that he thought we had done a very professional job.  (How would he know this, I wondered!)  After a little more discussion, he also told us that he was a retired professor of English literature, with a special interest in Shakespeare!  Wow - thank goodness we didn't find out until we were done presenting because knowing ahead of time would have made us feel quite intimidated!!

Super Saturday

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Delaney and Ella came over this morning and it was so much fun to have them here.  They are great little helpers, and spent a good hour outside picking up fallen tree branches and breaking them into little pieces to be picked up by the garbage man. They also raked up and disposed of seed hulls from underneath the bird feeders.  I have taught Delaney how to make fried and scrambled eggs, so that is what she made herself and Ella for lunch.  Afterwards we went to Target for a few things before their rests, and finally at 3 pm I took them over to the YMCA to swim!  Taylor picked Delaney up just a bit ago, and now Ella is taking a bath as she decided to stay overnight.  As often as not, when Taylor arrives she will decide that she wants to go home after all, but not tonight!

These grandgirls are a blessing from God, there is no doubt!


Painting away

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I am finally getting to the painting project in the basement - first to scrape away the the flaked paint areas due to moisture, then to apply the thick (almost like cake dough!) Dry-Lock water proofing, and finally finish up with a new bright white glossy enamel.  It is a messy job, and in some tight quarters - behind the washer and dryer, under the laundry tubs in one area - but it will be so much better when I am done.  Always thought we might finish off that part of the basement too, but it doesn't make the cut anymore!

Like Dorothy said...

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We have returned safe and sound from the lovely, lovely island of Oahu.  It was a wonderful time of relaxation, visiting friends, seeing the sights, eating delicious meals and soaking up the aloha of the island.  We are truly blessed by Marshall and Liz for the gift of this trip, although it still seems strange without them in Discovery Bay and we miss the time together (and the jigsaw puzzles!) that we so enjoyed.

Now we are back to the routine of our "real" life here in Indianapolis, and even though it is no tropical paradise, "there's no place like home"...


Aloha oe

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Aloha to the lovely island of Oahu....we have loved every minute spent in this tropical paradise!!

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