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When you can't celebrate your 43rd wedding anniversary with your husband, you celebrate it with you bestie!!!  Sangria, chips and salsa!

Celebrating Friendship

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Last evening Carol and I sat outside on her patio and toasted to our friendship with absolutely delicious Sangria.  Carol has a killer recipe.  It transported us to lively conversation for hours.  I have begged for the recipe and she promises it is coming my way!  Funny thing is that as we were celebrating a fun moment of friendship Carol announced it was her and her Steve's 43rd wedding anniversary.  What a hoot...I guess when you make it to 43 one can wait to celebrate. Steve is away at his dad's so I was a lousy proxy for him albeit a good friend to share the libations.  I asked about our Morninglorees page and vowed I would come back. Sadly we cannot seem to locate the posts I made...not many have you but I did.  Maybe they are forever in cyberspace.  Well I shall stop now and see if indeed I am in on and blogging away for real!

Crossing the Pond

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Exciting times ahead!  On the 17th, Steve, Delaney and I will be flying to Europe for a two week tour!  Paris first - will see Steve's cousin Janet who lives there, and Seattle Paula who will be visiting!!  Lots of sightseeing there!  Then on the 22nd, on to London till the 27th.  From there to Amsterdam - yea!  And back to Paris on July 1 before flying home on the 2nd.  Delaney is soooo excited, as are we!  Will be posting Picasa album to my FB page!  It will be an epic journey!

Climbing rose

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