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Greetings, Autumn!

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Another summer has slipped by and been replaced by autumn...cooler nights, bluer skies, colorful trees...slower paced days...all of these things are welcome, if somewhat bittersweet.  I remember when I was younger, telling my Grandma Evenson that fall was my favorite season.  She smiled at me and replied "there will come a day when it won't be"....I now understand what she meant ~ of course, she was comparing it to the seasons of her life, which were nearing the final ones she would see.  And slowly I am feeling the same way, with autumn also bringing a sense of urgency to live my life more with the motto of "if not now, when?" - than with the "someday!" frame of mind!

A photo from the first frost of last fall, November 2013...

The Land of Oz

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New York City...that is one "WOW" destination!!  I did not think that I would like it as much as I did - the energy of that place is unbelievable.  It is huge...but it works...the people are wonderful, the architecture and history are unequaled here in the states...then there is Broadway with shows aplenty and restaurants and food carts and Times Square and Central Park and museums and on and on and on!!!  I loved every part of this city, and I know we will return!

New York, New York!!

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Thursday morning early, we will be jetting to the Big Apple!  I have never been there (except to the airport for a connecting flight) so this will be quite exciting to me.  We are planning museum visits ( Vermeers!!!!) and also typical tourist stuff.  We'll be seeing a Broadway show each night as well - Cabaret, Hedwig's Angry Inch and Les Mis!!! 

I have a feeling I will be overwhelmed with all there is to see and do there...

Where were you?

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Most everyone remembers...

My most lasting thoughts are of the quiet skies on the following days...

And on that next Friday, hearing the tolling bells in all the churches nearby and again a jet crossing the blue skies...

As long as I live, I will never forget what that day brought...

It just can't be...

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But it is!  September.  I won't even ask where the summer has gone, because I know.  I traveled it away!!!  

The leaves on the black walnut are yellow and falling - the first tree to lose it's leaves in the fall and the last to fill out in the spring.   The walnuts are whizzing to the ground and every now and then one hits the roof and I jump!  Sounds like a big rock when it lands and bounces down to the ground. 

I love this season even thought it gives me a wistful feeling...  When I was younger it was my favorite time of year but now I think it parallels my life's seasons a little too closely...

And then there is the whole leaf raking thing - haha!!

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