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Taylor is wearing his Great Grandma Evenson's baptismal gown from 1895!

A day late ~ Happy Birthday to Taylor!

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Taylor Cherrington Hatfield ~ 35 years wonderfully old!  Hard to believe that he arrived that many years ago...

Loving wishes for many more to come from your "Ma" !

Happy Sunny Monday!

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I've been working on invitations for my dad's 90th birthday party which will be at my younger sister's house on February 14.  I'll be making a quick trip up on the 12th and back on the 15th - need to have a couple of days to finalize things before we leave for Honolulu on the 18th.   The party has sort of mushroomed from family and a very few friends (about 25 people) to a broader definition of same!  The numbers are now a possible 50 guests - there is thought that we should have just gone to a party room in the local Holiday Inn!   Luckily my sister has a good sized house!

It is a blessed thing to have a dad reaching 90 grand years old!!!

Few words!

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It seems like a long time since I have written an entry ~ mostly have been posting photos!  Have done so much traveling this past year, and during the fall we added in helping Taylor and girls with a move to a new house.  Suddenly it was Thanksgiving and in the wink of any eye, Christmas arrived!  Many good memories were made in 2014, too many to recount them all here.

Now we are almost midway through the first month of the new year, each day bringing tasks that need completing and no time to be bored!  Have had two storms so far, and lots of frigid temperatures too.  I have been catching up on photo albums, sorting and shuffling of "stuff", some nice visits with friends, and even time for reading - right now, "Vacationland", written by a Minnesota author.

At the end of December my dear friend Helen Rotte, Gloria's mom, went aloft at the beautiful age of 102 1/2.  I loved her very much and will miss her always.  A most gracious and lovely lady.

Soon it's time to pull out the shorts and t-shirts for our annual trek to Oahu ~ 5 weeks from tomorrow it will be sun, sand, flowers and palm trees!  Before that, I look forward to a trip to Minnesota to celebrate my dad's 90th birthday!

Few words up till now....but this should make up for that lack - haha!

Sunset, after the storm...

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