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Oh Junco, where art thou?

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I am beginning to worry about the return of our favorite winter bird, the Junco.  The little dark gray with white breast bird is long overdue in our yard.  The latest sighting I recorded was November 14 in 2006 and the earliest was October 10 in 2005.  And when I was in Minnesota this fall in mid-October, they were already busily feeding on the ground at my folks.  Generally speaking, that would put the Juncos here in Indianapolis about two weeks later. 

I am really concerned and can only hope it is because of the mild autumn in the midwest that they haven't felt the need to push farther south.  Time will tell.

The Day After

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We had a grand feast yesterday - the turkey came out perfect, and along with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, fresh green beans, cranberry salad, corn casserole (from Davie), sweet potato casserole (from Melissa and girls) it was a delicious meal.  I would have to say that the meal at thanksgiving is probably my absolute favorite of the special occasion meals throughout the year.  There is something about catching that first whiff of the turkey roasting in the oven....heavenly!!

We also miss being with the rest of our families in Minnesota, but we do have a special way of remembering family both past and present.  At our table, we use the silver cutlery that belonged to  Steve's Grandparents Hatfield, dishes from my Grandparents Cherrington, crystal goblets from Steve's folks, water glasses from my Great Aunt Olga Sunde, a serving spoon that belonged to my Great Gr & Gr Sunde,  and a compote dish of my mother's. It is a glorious way to hold hands back through the years and always a way to share thoughts of these special people as we gather for our meal.

Tusen Takk

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Tusen Takk is Norwegian for Thanks Very Much.  It is one of the few phrases that I understood as a child when I heard my Grandpa and Grandma Evenson speaking in Norwegian.  My mother still says it.  I think the literal translation is "a thousand thanks" ~ a beautiful expression of gratitude to use at Thankgiving time.  It would be interesting to start a list of blessings in my life and keep adding to it daily until I reach 1,000 ~ hmmmm, I think I'll do it! 

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!


and speaking of Norwegians, my Great Aunt Olga had she lived, would be 126 years old today...she never married, but had scores of nieces and nephews who cherish the memory of her

Still blooming!

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As unbelievable as it may seem, there are still blossoms on a mandevilla vine on the south side of our house and also impatiens by the front door!  Until we get a hard freeze I will let them live to see as many more days as they can.  Pulling out blooming flowers  is akin to waking a sleeping baby - you just don't do that!!   Not blooming  is poor Ella who is fighting off a sore throat this week.  If she isn't better by Friday, a trip to the doctor will be in order.

Mexican Train and Too Much Dancing

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Mexican Train Dominoes is a great game!  We were invited to the Worth's for supper on Friday night (baked spaghetti was superb!), and afterward we played that game for several hours and had tons of laughs! Just the ticket out of the doldrums we had been in all week.  Then on Saturday, the girls spent the day.  Delaney had some earned cash with her, and so we made our way to Target so she could spend it!  What she chose was a Michael Jackson's #1 Hits CD and when we got back home she played it - Ella and I were dancing, twirling each other and I think I must have even lifted her.  Big mistake.  Today I have had such a sore back that I can hardly move!!!  Hopefully it will be alot better on Monday - I am very impatient about having aches and pains!


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I like the sound of the word Thursday.  When I had a 5 days a week job (outside the home!), it was the sweetest word next to Friday!  Still sounds good. 

This morning I tutored my little 1st grade student at Greenbriar.  She is a wiggle-worm and I have had to adjust our activities accordingly!  After that I went to Kohl's for some super specials - Christmas shopping done wisely.  Then back home to work outside, cutting back perennials and pulling annuals from the flower beds.  Later on we are invited to Matthew and Davie's for supper which is always a treat.  From their house I will head over to Conversation Club - I can't wait to hear about Maureen's trip to Oahu, Kauai and Hawaii!   While in Honolulu, she and her husband stayed at the Ilikai and I sure hope they fit in a meal at The Chart House.  Just thinking about that place makes me "homesick" for Honolulu...

It's been a beautiful day to be alive and well!!

Armistice Day

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My Grandma Evenson always referred to November 11 as Armistice Day, just as she always said "Decoration Day" instead of Memorial Day.  The original names for both I guess...but no matter what, she also believed in the solemn observance of each.  I couldn't agree more.

Thank you servicemen and women for performing the great task that was set before you each time that you answered the call of duty.  Because of each one of you, I live in freedom in the greatest country in the world.


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We just finished watching the movie "Up" ~ I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pixar/Disney turns out one great picture after another and this latest one is right "up" there!  Ed Asner supplies the voice of Mr. Fredericksen, an elderly gentleman who after his wife passes away, goes on the one great adventure the couple had always dreamed of.   Tagging along with him is a young Wilderness Scout named Russell and together they float Mr. F's house (using a gigantic bouquet of colorful balloons!) all the way to the wilds of South America.  Of course lots of adventure, danger and suspense follow - all the way to the kleenex needing ending!   To me, the message of this movie is that friendship has no age boundaries ~ and in this case the bond that develops between 8 year old Russell and the elderly Mr. Fredericksen  is quite heartwarming.


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Like the change in nature's season, there is a change coming in our lives as well.  It now looks like Steve will be done at Lilly at year's end.  While we thought about this possibility as long as a year ago,  it didn't seem likely.  Have to say, I don't relish the thought of a return to tight times or a return to the job world - both of which seem as inevitable as the trees  becoming bare and winter returning.  {sigh.....}

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