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Arthur O. Evenson

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My Grandpa Evenson would be 117 years old today had he lived.  He came from a large Norwegian family, and by the time he was born his parents only had the oomph to give him a first name!  So he gave himself a middle name - Ole!  This was his dad's name and I am not sure if any of his brothers had that as a middle name already - but any which way - Grandpa claimed it for his own.

Blessed be his memory.

Happy Day!

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Sending lots of love and all good wishes and blessings to Taylor Cherrington Hatfield ~ born at 6:26 pm on this day in 1980 ~ 6 pounds 13 ounces ~ lots of dark hair ~ brought us lots of joy!

Happy Birthday Taylor!!

He's Alive!!!!

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We saw the movie "Lincoln" this afternoon, and I felt like it was Honest Abe come to life on the silver screen.  Daniel Day-Lewis was indeed "in character" with his portrayal of President Lincoln.  The film focused on his efforts to pass the 13th Amendment and all of intrigue surrounding that and the closing days of the Civil War.  The authentic settings, costumes, speeches, music - everything worked together to make this a history lover's dream.

I have always said, Abe Lincoln is someone I hope to meet when I get to heaven.  I feel like I have already accomplished that!

Two weeks time

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Two weeks from today we will be winging our way across the blue waters of the Pacific, excitedly making our way to Alohaland!!  I am trying to finish up some projects here at home so that I can feel more justified in leaving the homestead! 

I don't know why I have so many "things to do", but it is a fact.  And after we get back in late February there won't be many more weeks until the spring gardening chores will need doing.  But I am content in letting all of those chores wait...next up:  Honolulu!!

Like sand in an hourglass...

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Counting down the days till we leave for the sun and sand, a bit sooner in the winter than we have normally left and so I have taken out the stack of island music CD's!  Right now I am listening to the late Dennis Pavao as I imagine the sapphire blue of the Pacific and the breathtaking first sight of Diamond Head...

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