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Decoration Day

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This morning Delaney and I went over to Union Chapel Cemetery and put daisies on Veteran's graves.  The cemetery dates back to 1822 and has the final resting places of soldiers dating as far back as the  Revolutionary War.  It was a very solemn experience. 

Remembering every soldier who has served our country.


"It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, Who has given us the
freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protestor to burn the flag."

Father Denis Edward O'Brien/USMC

Two go home

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Very happy to say that my dad was released from the hospital on Tuesday, and I drove back here that same day.  He has an RN visiting him for several hours daily (or as needed) for two weeks at home to make sure his vitals are good, the incision is healing properly, and his recovery is progressing.  His surgeons were amazed at his determination and positive thinking and said that he is a young 86 year old!  The whole experience left me appreciative of all the years my folks have had together (their 63rd Wedding Anniv. was two days before his surgery), but has also made me think more about the inevitable loss of parents.

Good to be home, and when it stops raining I will re-commence my gardening!!

How well I remember

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Monday morning, May 21, 1956 my baby sister Barbara Joanne arrived at the Owatonna City Hospital!!  Judi, Craig and I were shipped across the farm field to our neighbor's the Sahf's to be watched while Mother and Father were busy with welcoming their newest creation.  It was a sunny day, a heavenly spring morning and I can remember being very excited to learn I had a baby sister. Sitting at Mrs. Sahf's breakfast table eating a bowl of cereal, I also remember her telling me "only one teaspoon of sugar" should I be using - at home I think I was allowed to use two!  After awhile, Father came to fetch us and bring us over to Waseca to stay at Grandpa and Grandma Evenson's where indulgence reigned supreme.  Grandma served dessert with breakfast and would ask the milkman to leave a bottle of chocolate milk when grandchildren were visiting!  We didn't have any special toys or such at Gr & Gr's, but rather we would be left to explore the lawn, climb the trees, dig with a big spoon to find pretty rocks in the driveway or play with a cousin or two should they happen by.  Inside  the house the place we loved was the little attic off of Uncle Ellsworth's room - we could always find something fascinating there.  Or maybe we would be allowed to use the little record player in Aunt Kathryn's room, or dig around in the big closet in Uncle Charles' room  - all the while, Grandma would be busy with cooking in the kitchen, or doing the wash (a ringer washing machine in the basement!) and hanging it on the clothesline.  Grandpa, a retired farmer, would have been working at the Birdseye plant I think, and at noon the uncles (Aunt Kathryn worked in Owatonna) would come home for dinner, a big plate of fried hamburgers - toothpicks in the ones with the onions, a stack of white and a stack or wheat bread, butter and jam, a big bowl of vegetables, maybe some rhubarb sauce and always followed by dessert of some kind. We rested awhile after that and soon the smell of the the daily homemade cake would float upstairs and we knew it was time for afternoon coffee!  We took turns licking the kettle that Grandma made the boiled chocolate frosting in....ahhh, memories....thank you Barbara for being born on that beautiful May morning, the thoughts of which have allowed me to bask in the glow of a wonderful time in my life. 

Happy Birthday ~ Love you always Barbara Joanne!

What a week!

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I am in Minnesota, staying at a hotel with Mother while my dad is a patient in the VA Hospital following very complicated surgery.  I am happy to be able to be here right now, in support of both of my parents.  My dad may be in the hospital for up to two weeks. On a happier note,  I must wish them a belated Happy Anniversary - on May 14 they marked 63 years of marriage!

Garden week

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I have been busy outside this week, digging in the earth, planting seeds, perennials and annuals, and also trimming bushes, pulling weeds, relocating hostas - just about any and every kind of gardening task has been done!  It has been a hot and humid week, so each night I have been just about done for - the good kind of done for that comes with the satisfaction of a job well done.    I am not a pampering kind of gardener, so if I plant something in one of my flower beds or gardens, it has to survive with a minimum of care or else it's farewell! 

Sending out  "Get Well Wishes" to my dad who is in the hospital right now, hoping to avoid surgery for a bowel obstruction.  If surgery is needed he will miss the Honor Flight he is scheduled to go on one week from this Saturday, and that would be a disappointment. 

Tomorrow Steve comes back from a visit with his folks, always a pleasure for him and for them too.

For all of us...

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Those of us who are Mothers are being honored today and I am thankful to have two Moms to honor, and blessed to be one myself!!

Day trip

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This morning at 8, Gloria picked me up and we were on our way to Cincinnati to visit "the moms" for an early Mother's Day lunch.  Gloria's mother Helen will be 99 years old on May 22 and is an amazingly active lady. Gloria's mother-in-law Elaine is almost 90, and is a gracious and lovely lady as well. We had a delicious lunch at a restaurant called "Trios", stopped at a garden center, did a few errands for Helen after we dropped Elaine at her house, went in to see Helen's apartment and then headed back to Indianapolis at about 5:30 pm.  Along the way we stopped to shop at "Peebles" in Batesville - a nice little department store.  We finally made it back to Indianapolis around 9 pm, having had a wonderful day trip to Cincinnati!

Bird news

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Right on schedule, hummingbirds have returned to feast at our nectar feeder!   I saw my first one yesterday, and today again it was visiting the feeder quite regularly.  Then this morning a gorgeous Baltimore Oriole stopped by, briefly sitting atop the hummingbird feeder.  I wish I could attract them to stay in our yard all summer long, but I just don't have the right touch (or maybe I don't have the right feeder?!).

At any rate, these two lovely friends really brightened an otherwise rainy and chilly May day!

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