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Alice Amanda

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Today is my Grandma Evenson's birthday ~ she would be 115 years old.  I was blessed to know her well and even though I lived 3 hours away many happy hours were spent together.  She lived into her 88th year and in all of her years, I don't think she ever had a bad word to say about anyone.  What a cheerful, kind and appreciative person she was - the type you want to do anything for!   She would express her thankfulness by saying "I'll remember you" .... so sweet to think that in fact, I remember her.

Lots o' rain!

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After nearly giving in and hauling out the garden hose to give a drink to plant here and there around the yard, the rain arrived.  It started raining Friday around noon and it hasn't hardly let up since!  I feel so good for the thirsty flowers, trees and shrubs - but I am itching to be outside messing around with planting seeds and doing some trimming here and there. 

Hopefully there will be a break in the rain long enough to head over to the Indiana State School for the Visually Impaired where the annual plant sale begins tomorrow at noon.  There is a nice greenhouse where the students take part in growing and maintaining a nice selection of annuals and perennials.  Some additional plants are brought in from commercial suppliers.  It is one of my favorite places to buy plants every spring and I am really looking forward to this year's selection!


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Mr. Riffle's lilac tree is in glorious full bloom right now.  He has been so generous to share lots of bouquets with me - I love to look out the kitchen window and see a fresh bunch of lilacs in the watering can that he has picked and delivered right to my door!!

Next up, Lily of the Valley will be in bloom in a couple of weeks.  Heaven can have no fragrance better than lilacs and Lily of the Valley!

Get well wishes

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Lots of healing prayers and thoughts go out to Liz - glad you are home from the hospital, and hope that the next days of rest bring you back to feeling much better.  It is good that you have two wonderful nurses on duty!!  I am looking forward to a visit in a couple of weeks!

A Smash Hit!

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Shakespeare's Sonnets presentation went over quite well the other night!  I did a short bio of Shakespeare and showed some photographs from our visit to Stratford a few years back.  Gloria then gave a nice overview of what sonnets are and how Shakespeare used the form.  We each read sonnets in turn - Gloria did 2, 17, 27 and 60 and I did 18, 30, 73 and 116. We then read  54 and 55 with one of us reading a line as Shakespeare wrote it, and the other one reading the line in modern words.  We ended with a "fill in the blanks" quiz using phrases (from the book Brush up Your Shakespeare) that Shakespeare penned which have survived down through the years and are still in use today.    I must not forget to thank my father-in-law for the inspiration to do this program, and for the Shakespeare books he passed along to me that contained everything we needed to put this presentation together!  Thanks so much Marshall!


Update on Wednesday April 21:  When I saw Ella today she was so sweet to ask "How did your Shakespeare night go?"  I think that's pretty cute that she remembered to ask!

Galileo's Daughter

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I am currently reading a book about Galileo Galilei entitled Galileo's Daughter.  It is an historical memoir based on the surviving letters his cloistered daughter wrote to him over the course of  about 20 years, and on accounts and records of his most fascinating and still important scientific discoveries.  The chapter I began reading last night was about his 1633 trial at the Vatican.  He had been summoned to appear before the Holy Office of Inquisition, accused of heresy for writing a book that gave credence to the Copernician belief that the Earth moves around the sun. Galileo was convicted and spent his last 10 years of life under house arrest in Rome.

By a strange coincidence, today's Writer's Almanac on NPR featured this very event in Galileo's life, it being April 12, 1633 that he was defending his scientific beliefs  before the Church! 

I would highly recommend this book by Dava Sobel - it has much historical detail woven into a lovely story of the scientist who was also a father, a friend and a devoted Catholic.

Spring Break

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Our "Spring Break" is about over, and we had a great week!  Beginning with a nice Easter Sunday and finishing today with a beautiful warm Spring day, we had many enjoyable hours.  Last Monday we took the girls over to Turkey Run State Park - it was our third year in a row to visit and so we all knew our way around the lodge and trails pretty well.  The big draw is always the lovely indoor pool!  Delaney and Ella swam three times each day, and Steve and I joined them several times too.  They also love the Nature Center where there is a bird feeding station that can be viewed indoors from behind huge glass windows.  Then there is the river and the suspension bridge - this year Delaney was brave enough to cross over it, although she still doesn't like it when it sways!  The river's edge is full of great skipping rocks, so that activity kept us busy for a long time as well.  We packed a picnic lunch one day and ate it in the woods.  The lodge has a lovely dining room with a buffet of homemade food which we made good use of for our suppers.  The azaleas, red bud trees, dogwoods and many wildflowers were blossoming  - everything was fresh and new in nature, and we all look forward to our next Spring Break at  Turkey Run!

"Little faces, looking up to God"

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That is what my Grandma Evenson would say about pansies and violas and I have to agree.  I planted some of each flower yesterday and all the while I thought about Grandma.  I once bought her a bright yellow pansy brooch and she always made sure to wear it when I would see her once or twice a year.   Shortly before she died in 1983, she gave it back to me and now when  I wear it I feel so close to her.

Little faces, looking up to God....looking up to Grandma in heaven!

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