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One year ago today my mother-in-law, Liz Hatfield, passed away.  I can truthfully say that there are not many days that pass that I don't think of her and miss her.  May she never be forgotten.


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On Thursday we drove up to Chicago - it was Fall Break, so Delaney and Ella came along with us!  We walked around a bit that day, went up to the Sky Deck in the Willis Tower (former Sears Tower!) and that is always a thrill.  We also went to Millennium Park to see "The Bean" - wow - what an amazing structure.  The highlight and main reason for our trip was on Thursday evening.  We went to the Broadway Theatre at Watertower Place and saw "I Love Lucy"  - a loving tribute to that TV show!  It was staged as if we were watching the live filming of two episodes of the show.  Along with that, there were breaks for "live commercials" - so fun to sing along with the perfomers  - "Brylcream", :"Halo Shampoo", "Alka Seltzer" and more!  The girls laughed and clapped throughout the whole thing.  They are huge Lucy fans, and can talk knowledgeably about most any episode during the 9 year run of I Love Lucy on TV.  We also had a supper of genuine "Chicago Style" deep dish pizza - oh boy - was that ever delicious!! 

We drove home again on Friday and all of us loved our whirlwind trip to the Windy City!

Bird news

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Juncos have made their appearance in our back yard - right on schedule!  These pretty little birds have dark gray to black feathers with a white breast, and dark black eyes.  Always polite, and never ones to push other birds away from the seeds, these winter visitors are always welcome at our house!  

The hummingbirds are no longer here.  October 11 was the last time I saw one at the nectar, and that was later than I had ever before seen one stick around these parts!  They are always such a magical and unreal bird to me.

So far I have not seen the cardinals flocking as they do when the temperatures dip and the snow flies.  I'll never forget the time we saw 9 pairs all at once - what a glorious sight!

Birth Day!!

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All good wishes and love to Matthew Stephen Hatfield, born this day in 1976! 

He came into the world at 9:31 am, weighing 6 pounds and measuring 20 inches long.  We celebrate the gift of his life today with much thankfulness for the wonderful son that he is! 

Colors of October

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It is already a week into the new month - lots of color on the trees here, and this morning a heavy frost.  I enjoyed the start of autumn on my visit to Minnesota last month - along Lake Superior the aspens were a brilliant yellow, and set against the blue sky and blue water the sight was breathtaking.  Happy to spend time with some of my aunts, uncles and cousins as well as my folks and siblings. 

Now we are enjoying a few days with Matthew before he and Davie move to Baltimore at the end of the month.  Ella reflected how "they keep moving farther and farther away from us"!  We look forward to making a trip out that way when they are all settled in.

It's almost time to use the fireplace again....must make a call for a delivery of wood!

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