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Spoke too soon!

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Winter barged back in yesterday and gifted us with nine inches of snow - humbug, bah!  Fortunately the temperature today was very mild, nearly 40, and lots of melting occurred and by the weekend the white stuff should be almost a memory when 50 degrees is expected.

Then let's get this Spring Show on the road again!!


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Seen within the past week, making spring seem like it is arriving:

crocuses in bloom
Red-winged blackbirds
yellow feathers on Goldfinches
Pussy willow tree nearly ready to bloom
tulips and daffodils up about 3 inches
buds forming on the maple trees

Whoa Winter!

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Just about when I am really in the mood for spring weather, Mother Nature decides she is in the mood for a nice snowstorm - so she has delivered about 4 inches of the white stuff here in Indianapolis.  I must admit it is very pretty, coating every twig and limb of the trees - but I can also admit that I would have waited again till next winter to see snow again!

Oh well, underneath the blanket of white there no doubt lurks a crocus waiting to push up through the earth and bloom within the month!

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