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Happy Birthday to my dad, Roger Wilbur Cherrington ~ born at home in New Richland, Minnesota on this day in 1925! We had a wonderful party for him on Saturday ~ here's to 90 years and many more returns of the day!!

North and West

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The days are flying and soon I will be headed North to Minnesota to my dad's 90th birthday party on the 14th!  It should be a gala affair, complete with champagne and much frivolity :)  The fete will be held at my sister's home in Byron - the "after party" will no doubt exceed the afternoon event!

We fly back to Indianapolis on the 15th, leaving us two days to finalize preparations for our trip West to the Hawaiian Island of Oahu o the 18th!  This year we will be gone for a whole month...it's possible that we will be so settled into the tropical lifestyle that we won't want to return to the remaining wintry weather of Indiana!

And February Marches In!

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On Sunday evening we Super Enjoyed the Super Bowl evening at Gloria and Steve Worth's palatial mansion!  The food offerings were varied and delicious along with wonderful wine or beer.  Watching the game provided much discussion and lots of laughs.  With such a fun time we always remark that we should get together more often!

This week I am starting to get serious about preparing for our trip to Honolulu - it's coming up fast, two weeks from tomorrow we leave!

Before that we have another trip - it's my dad's 90th birthday on February 16 and a grand party will be held on the 14th at Barbara and Doug's house in Byron.  It will be a fine celebration!

Winter is delivering a batch of snow right now, but no worry...I am soon out of here!

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