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Happy Birthday wishes!

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Lots of love and good wishes to Matthew Stephen, born on October 13, 1976 at 9:31 am, Unity Hospital in Fridley, Minnesota!  We are so happy to have him home with us for a visit so that we can celebrate his birthday with him - Happy Birthday to a wonderful son!!!

A poem for October, by Richard Eberhart

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The Illusion of Eternity
Things of this world 
In pure afternoons of gold, 
And splendor of October, 
Radiant air, still trees, 
Give the illusion of eternity. 

As if there were no suffering, 
No ancient heart-ache of the being, 
No tortures of the soul, 
No struggle with mortality, 
But changelessness, eternity. 

A leaf falls here and there, 
There are small birds a-chirp 
A chipmunk on a pine tree, 
No cloud in the sky, 
October afternoon, gold rarity. 

Through the transparent air 
Time is a kind of singing 
In the inner being, 
Acceptable singing 
Giving the illusion of eternity.

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