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Thursday thoughts

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An interesting week!  I have been watering my plants and flowers non-stop in anticipation of being gone next week, been to a concert on Monday night (by myself!), taken Ella to the dentist to have a sharp spot fixed on her spacer (after an interesting anti-dentist meltdown!), done airport dropoff and then pickup for Steve's trip to Albuquerque, packed for our trip to Minnesota etc etc etc and survived the extreme temperatures of Indianapolis all week.

I am really looking forward to our flight North tomorrow, to the Land of Sky Blue Waters!!

Turning Eight

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Happy Birthday wishes go out to little-no-longer Ella Dawn!!  She is eight years old today, and what a wonderful age that is ~ old enough to take part in many things she was too young for up till now, and still young enough to be innocent and free from the worries and responsibilities that arrive all too soon in growing up.

Ella, you are loved and cherished!!

Hot town, summer in the city

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The heat index today was 114 degrees.  I have no idea what the actual temperature was, nor the humidity level.  When it gets like this, who cares?  Hot is hot.  Even for this tough old bird.

He catches up!

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Steve loves to tell everyone that I am older than he is.  It is a fact, I am a whole 7 months and 17 days ahead of him in the race to 60.  Today he caught up, yea!!  Happy Birthday Steve!!  We celebrated at a brunch here this morning, with Taylor, Melissa, Delaney and Ella and after we  ate, Steve opened his presents.  We all played a few rounds of Apples to Apples before Delaney had to go to a meeting  for Vacation Bible School leaders.  This is her first year of  being in charge of a small group of VBS kids, likely 4 or 5 year olds and she will do great.  Ella was very sad though, as she just assumed Delaney would be a leader for her age group!   It will be a fun week ahead for both girls, but a very hot one as temperatures are expected in the mid-90's.  But the best part of the week will be that when it is over on Friday, the very next day is Ella's 8th birthday!!  She is one excited 7 year old!

Half done

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It is July 15, and in my mind that date always marks the halfway point of summer.  May shoots straight into the warm weather of June, and June just fades into the hot days of July.  July flies by and one morning you open your eyes, and whether you like it or not it is already August!!  August has a sort of "anxious" feeling for me - the anxiety kind of anxious - knowing that summer is on the wane, and not exactly liking it. 

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.  ~Henry James

Painting projects

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On Friday Delaney and Ella completed their first "real" painting project ever!  They scraped, sanded and then painted our bench swing and did a fantastic job of it.  This swing is old - we got it for a housewarming gift when we bought our first little house in North Minneapolis in 1974.  It hung inside the front porch there for four years, then we had it on the front porch at our first house here in Indy from 1979 till 2000.  When we moved to this house, we bought a metal swing frame and hung it from that and it has been on our back porch for 21 years.  Added all together, we have been swinging in it for 37 years!   It started out just stained a light color on the wood, but in the last 15 years or so the wood had become very discolored and bleached out.  So it has now been "Carolina Pine Green" for quite awhile.   Nothing like sitting outside on a summer day, swinging away on a bench swing!

And so ends June...

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This week has just flown by!  Steve returned from Minnesota on Tuesday, had another good trip to his folks.  I had a dental appointment and haircut that day before I picked him up at the airport.  Later on, I had news of a third classmate and good friend passing away at age 58. Dick had leukemia for several years and it was being successfully treated when all of a sudden he took a turn for the worse.  He was a school friend and a church friend through my growing up years, a really good soul with a smile and a kind word for everyone.  On Wednesday Taylor sealed our driveway with a new coat of blacktop - he did a great job, it was quite a project!!  The girls were over here with him that day, and again on Friday when he came to mow and do a couple of other odd jobs.  And one last event this week was my brother's surgery to repair a hiatal hernia and put his stomach and what not back into their proper places!!  Thankfully it was very successful.

Now we have turned all of our calendars to July - it promises to be full of projects, and full of fun things too! 

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