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Moving news

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We are happy that Davie has been hired for a job in Cleveland - moving should be within the month. While we will miss Matthew and Davie so much, we are thrilled for them to be starting a new chapter in their job lives.  It will be exciting to find out what lies ahead in Cleveland.  At the same time, we found out that Caitlin and Mike will be moving to Chicago this summer due to a job promotion for Mike.  Caitlin will be taking her bar exam in July, and be looking for work after their move.  They are sad to leave Saint Paul, and Minnesota friends and family - but what an exciting opportunity for them as well.

All of this moving news has made me think back to the summer of 1979 when we were preparing to come down here....lots of bittersweet thoughts, leaving was very hard but yet I knew it was the right decision.   And 30 years later, here we still are!!

On to the next set

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I have finished transferring to DVD all of our 8mm tapes, and am ready to begin doing the same with the large videocassettes.  While time consuming, it has been a genuine trip down memory lane!  It's been fun to relive most of what I have seen, but not everything!  Some events and occasions were fun once, but seem like way too much work to wish they could happen again.  Seeing the granddaughters as babies, toddlers and little girls has been the most enjoyable!!

Right now we are having huge beautiful snowflakes floating down - another layer of snow would be welcome.  I always think that one cannot appreciate the warmth and beauty of spring and summer without going through the cold and white of winter.  Must be the Minnesotan in me, or at least the Scandinavian in me!!  Longsuffering is an attribute to be proud of ~ and made easier to brag about when I know I will be on Waikiki Beach in a few weeks - ha!


Tea Time

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I am taking time out from a photo album and video transfer project to have a cup of tea.  Good Earth, original blend, served in my Royal Tara tea-for-one set because it tastes better that way. 

I am putting Christmas photos in albums at the same time that I am transferring 12 years of 8mm tapes onto DVD's.  When I finish that, I am going to start the even huger task of editing portions of "tons" of regular videotapes on to DVD's.  (Countless musical perfomances, holidays, birthdays, summer doings, trips....)  And finally, I have a box of little 3 minute home movie reels that I am going to have professionally transferred onto DVD's.  I think we got that first movie camera when Matthew was a few months old so there are many memories contained on those reels.

Projects like these are best done in the winter months when I can't be outside gardening!  And also a good way to use the days leading up to our winter getaway to Honolulu.  Soon I will begin playing my Hawaiian music, but not too soon as it makes me antsy to be there!!

There is plenty to enjoy here yet too - white fluffy snow fell last week, and with it came more birds than ever.  Our feeders and the ground with fallen seed have been busy places!  On Friday when I looked out the kitchen window, there were 5 cardinal pairs - absolutely stunning to watch.  (The record number is 10 pairs I believe, but that was before we had all of the honeysuckle bushes cut way back along our lot line which the birds seem to miss.)  And on Saturday Delaney and Ella had loads of fun sledding down the little hill in our front yard - I even took a couple of rides in their snow saucers!  Now if only we had a backyard ice rink - I love to ice skate and spent countless hours doing that while growing up.  Freezing cold weather ~ but we always had the warming house (heated with a wood burning stove) to take respite in.  We even ice skated during recess at school.

Well, my tea is finished.  Back to my afternoon task!


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Sounds unreal! We are ready to begin this next phase in our lives and see how the "retirement" thing goes - at least for the next couple of months that is, since we are quite certain new employment opportunities will be found when we return from Hawaii.  Hawaii!!  Can't wait!

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