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Paradise, pretty much!!

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Friday of our first full week here on Oahu and it is another pretty day ~ I can see a wide vista of the Pacific from our lanai and there is always something interesting to watch out on the ocean!  We have seen whales, cruise ships, canoers, surfers, parasailors, cargo ships, barges, Coast Guard cutters, etc etc etc!!!  I could sit there all day if it wasn't for the fact that there is even more to be found to see and do down on the ground level - haha!  Steve returns tonight from an emergency trip back to Albuquerque due to the death of his Aunt Patty, so tomorrow we can resume some of the activities here on our "to do" list!

Here is the view from our room and lanai ~

Final countdown begins

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5 more days!!!  Then we wing westward to the tropical island of Oahu and I am so ready to be there!  Our normally mild Indiana winter has been harsh - lots of snow and frigid temperatures which make getting away all the more special!!   I am starting to pack my suitcase and ready the house for being gone three weeks.  We are blessed beyond measure to make this trip every year!

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