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One potato, two potato, three potato, four

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Happy to report that the "old potatoes with eyes" that Delaney and I planted several weeks ago are now sprouted up above the earth - it should be alot of fun to watch the about ground growth and then in the late summer, dig the plant up and see what we find!! My Grandpa Cherrington grew the best potatoes every summer, and then he'd harvest a huge crop to keep in the root cellar all winter long.   Can't wait to see what happens to our little crop!

Wedding Bells

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Our niece Alicia Ruth is being married this coming Sunday - she is the youngest of the nine grandchildren on my side of the family and will forever be Little Alicia Ruth in my book.  She was the sweetest baby, a talkative preschooler, had the longest golden-colored hair (I loved fixing it with lots of ponytails and barettes), the biggest innocent eyes and the most charming laugh.  My favorite image of her was captured in a photograph at about age five - she is jumping off the dock at my parent's cottage, into an inner tube in the lake below, her long braids flying out from her head.  The pure joy shown in that photo expresses the essence of Alicia Ruth perfectly!  She will be a wonderful wife to Matt, and when the time comes, a loving mother.  May God bless this young couple with a long and joyful marriage!!


Four hours

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I have just come inside from working with the flower beds, planters, shrubs, vines, etc etc etc!!  I spent about four hours today, and add that onto the uncounted hours from the previous days of the same tasks and it will be no surprise that I must say "Oh, my achin' back"!!  No complaints though, I love being outside digging around in the earth, finding lots of wonderful worms and listening to the beautiful songs of the birds going about their daily duties.  Now I am taking a break before I start my indoor chores - not nearly as enjoyable though just as tiring I guess!

The red fox that was visiting our yard on Sunday and Monday hasn't been around the past couple of days - I was thinking about what I would do if he and I came face to face while I was on my knees planting a marigold!  I suppose I would yelp, stand up and run towards the house....and he would run in the other direction!

All I can say is WOW!!

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Today my folks are celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary, and they are as sweet a couple as can be after lo these many years of marriage. 

Many more happy returns of the day to Roger and Joanne Cherrington!!


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After thinking I would see no interesting migrating birds this year, lo and behold today we had a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak stop and enjoy a meal of safflower seeds!  I was able to shoot some good photos of his visit and when he had flown to the upper branches of the maple tree, he serenaded us for quite some time with his most melodic songs!  Now if only he and his mate would take up summer residence here in our yard...

Lilacs, lots and lots of lilacs

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We are back from a fun trip to Minnesota - the wedding shower for Alicia Ruth was lovely, Caitlin's law school graduation was quite wonderful, and being with Liz and Marshall on Sunday and Monday was so nice too! 

One thing stood out during our Minnesota driving and that is the presence of thousands of gorgeous lilac bushes of white and all shades pink and purple.  There are rows of them planted along all of the Twin Cities freeways, and on almost every home property between there and New Ulm.  I could't help but want to stop the car, get out, and just sit near enough to enjoy the fragrance and beauty of this springtime spectacle!

Back here in our yard the daisies and peonies are in full bloom, and even some lily of the valley hangers-on.  Roses are ready to open, and so many more flowers will follow right along.  Springtime, I love it!!

Heading North

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We are leaving for Minnesota tomorrow - Steve to be with his folks, and I to be with mine.  Judi and I are putting on a wedding shower for Alicia Ruth who will be married on May 30.  I think it will be alot of fun and I only wish that Melissa, Delaney and Ella could also attend.  Then on Saturday Steve and I will go to Caitlin's law school graduation in Minneapolis, followed by a celebration dinner that evening.  On Mother's Day we will be with Liz and Marsh and I also look forward to that!  It will be a busy time, but I am grateful that I am able to make the trip.

Here at home things are blooming!  I got some nice plants at the Blind School greenhouse sale last week, and on Saturday we went again for Delaney to get some herb plants for her little garden here.  Ella planted her flower seeds here as well.  On Sunday I got a gorgeous Sea Shell Peony plant from Taylor, Melissa and girls for an early Mother's Day gift - I planted it today!

Time to pack!!

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