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~Decoration Day~

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Delaney Marie, Confirmation Day nearly here!

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On Sunday May 19, Delaney will be confirmed at Pilgrim Lutheran Church.  She has been attending Pilgrim since she was born, and was baptized there 14 years ago today.  Confirmation classes have been held for the past two years on Sundays, and she has been a faithful attendee.  We are so proud and happy for her!  A special church service will take place this Sunday and after that we will host a dinner in her honor here at our house.  It will be a wonderful occasion to be together!

To be or not to be...

| No Comments SLR or a point and shoot!!!  I am considering changing cameras, my current Canon being 6 years old.  It is a very servicable p-a-s that has served me well in a variety of ways, inside and outside and in all kinds of situations. So, I bought a new Canon, upgraded model to more mega pixels and much higher zoom and have been trying it out this weekend.  In most ways it is an improvement, but for the price I am not sure it is worth it.  Which brings me to consider taking this one back and opting for a decent (but not top end!) SLR.  Knowing it means more bulk, more settings, changing lenses at times and a higher price - it would have to bring me alot more satisfaction in the finished product!

I guess I will be doing more research and thinking this week, and then again I may just stick with Old Faithful!!

Winter? Spring?

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Just returned from a week in Minnesota - I battled a snowstorm the day I arrived, and I won. But it took over 12 hours to get to my folks, having left our house around 10 am on Monday and arrived in New Ulm at nearly midnight.   And I didn't drive up there, but went by air.  Complicated day!!!  By the end of last week, the temperatures hit the 70's so it was a Winter/Spring visit.

Back here in Indiana it is definitely spring, the grass is green and needs cutting, everything that can be in bloom, is in bloom and the temperatures are around 80. 

I am looking forward to getting outside and doing some gardening - so many chores await that I will start by making a list!

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