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Red Letter Day

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My joy for today - six pairs of glorious red cardinals (and a bonus visit of a rare white throated sparrow!) feasting on the fallen safflower seeds beneath the bird feeder!

How could anyone not smile at the sight of those lovely feathered friends?!

Week's end

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Steve has been up in Minnesota this past week, visiting his dad, and I have been left to my own devices!  I haven't been idle and in fact there has not been a dull moment!

I have filled my time with a ton of photo related activity, sorting and sifting through paperwork, housecleaning, laundry, a dental appointment, unclogging the kitchen sink drain, working in the church library, taking the Worth's to the airport, having lunch at a friend's house and seeing her new kitchen addition, tutoring my 1st grade student, having some phone visits, and even cutting back rose bushes (yes!).  All in all, a good week.  When I don't have to work around anyone's schedule but my own, I can cover alot of ground in 5 days.

The one thing I am happy that I did not have to deal with was shoveling snow - we received several inches yesterday, thankfully not enough to bother with!

Farewell Snow Village

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Today I put away our Snow Village - each Christmas, that is the first decoration put up and the last decoration taken down.  We enjoy it so much, but there comes a time when it has stayed out long enough and we have to say farewell until the next Christmas rolls around.  I got the very first house in 1979 as a birthday gift from Liz and Marsh.  I treasured it so much - each season it had a place of honor on the buffet in the dining room. 

As the years went by we bought more houses, a church, a mill, a fishing house, and the crowning glory - the Winter Carnival Ice Palace.  We also acquired lots of accessory pieces and characters for this annual display.

It now takes me several hours to put the dislay together.  Two folding tables must be set in a corner in the living room, covered with white table cloths and then the houses and everything else put in place atop the tables.  The final step is to sprinkle the "real artificial snowflakes" over and amongst all of the buildings and accessories.  The overall effect is quite something.  It really does look like a "Snow Village".  All the family and lots of our friends look forward to seeing this each Christmas, and so the work involved is much appreciated and worth the effort.

So, until next Christmas our cozy village is now safely packed away and resting comfortably.  And I must say thanks ever so much to Liz for getting this wonderful tradition started! 

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