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Summer's end?

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It sure doesn't feel like it - right now at 6 pm at the end of August it is 93 degrees outside.  Not what you want for a Friday night football game, or an evening of relaxing outside. 

Delaney and her friends are getting all "painted up" for the Big Game - Hamilton Southeastern HS (her school) versus their rival Fishers HS!  So that is exciting!  She will be sporting Royal Blue paint on her face and Fishers fans will be in red!  The years of attending all of the North Central HS games were so much fun, and we loved hearing the marching band play.  Matthew and Taylor were loyal members of that group. 

Outside here at home we need rain.  The yard and flowers are looking dry.  But I suppose that I ought to be patient and let Mother Nature be in charge as the season changes and leaves begin to turn color and fade away.

Belated Birthday Wishes to my brother Craig for his 61st bday on August 17 and also to Davie for his 43rd bday on August 23rd!

A Determined Hummingbird!

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Hibiscus for a cold climate!

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These are "Hardy Hibiscus" - a perennial that grows well here.  While not the more petite sized tropical variety that we enjoy seeing in Hawaii, they are actually huge by comparison and bloom in the mid-summer.  I have had this one for 3 seasons and I think I will be looking to add other colors of the plant as well.  Like their tropical cousins, each blossom lasts only a day or two before folding up and falling off!

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