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Catching up

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Whoa!  The days have just whizzed by and all of a sudden it's nearly August.  July was full of traveling, reunions, celebrations and visiting! 

On July 7 I attended the Sunde family reunion at our ancestral church in rural New Richland, Minnesota - LeSueur River Lutheran Church.  Great to see so many relatives and the added bonus of our good friends Brian and Jane Gegel who are the pastor and wife!

July 12-14 was the annual Cherrington family reunion up north at Craig's house - lots of fun in the woods, and of course the booyah bash and sangria!  A new feature this year was live music with various family members up on stage.  Following that weekend was a visit with Steve's dad before I drove back here on Tuesday July 16.  Steve stayed on, as did Taylor, Delaney and Ella.  Those three continued on down to New Ulm for a few days before driving home on Sunday.

Must also add Happy Birthday wishes to Steve for his birthday on the 17th (62!!) and just yesterday we celebrated Ella's 10th birthday with presents and cake in the evening.

Now we have a return of beautiful summer weather, cooler and no humidity - hopefully that will take us into the dog days of summer when August arrives.

Like Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes fame) once said about summer - "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want to do."  Too true!

Independence Day

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Thank you brave women and men of 1776... 


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