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Today and tomorrow are the last days we will be on the island and we couldn't possibly have had a more wonderful time here. When we arrived on February 9 it seemed like the days stretched forever ahead and there would be more time than what we knew what to do with. haha!  We have filled every day with both old and new adventures and activities - but even so, we leave with some sights unseen, other activities untouched, and plenty of new adventures with no time to attempt!! We have had fun times with friends here, probably one of the best things about being in Honolulu!

Today we will go up to the North Shore one last time to watch the waves and surfers and to walk barefoot in the incredibly deep and beautiful sandy beach.   This afternoon it will be time to start repacking our belongings and the "Hawaii" we are bringing home.  Tonight we will be with Lis and Nils, Hanne and Larry.  Tomorrow we will return the rental car, take one last walk along Waikiki Beach and hopefully stop to say goodbye to Woody (and to Diamond Head!), then put on our "winter clothes" before William picks us up to go to the airport for our 5:30 pm flight home.

Aloha to this island that I have to call heavenly!!

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