Artist and whales

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Last night we were dinner guests of our friend Woody Chock and his wife Raelene at a beautiful Chinese restaurant called Jade Dynasty.  The food was delicious and the conversation was so interesting - we could have spent even longer sitting and talking as we didn't come close to running out of topics to discuss!  Woody is a watercolor artist whose paintings we have bought quite a few of over the years we have coming to Honolulu.  Steve designed a new website for Woody after our visit to Hawaii last year.  His wife Raelene is a school administrator.  Lovely people, both of them!

It is a gorgeous morning here - as we look out to the Pacific Ocean from our lanai we can see many surfers and boats of every shape and size.  In a little while we will join them when we go on a whale watching cruise.  From our lanai we are able to see whales breeching, but they are too far out to sea for a good look, so we are hoping for some nice close-up views today!!

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