More September birthdays

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Today I celebrated two birthdays -  it is my friend Barb's special day and I was able to be with her at church this morning.  She is my library assistant and we had our first "Library Sunday" where all the SS children come into the library to check out a book. We enjoyed a cup of coffee and alot of laughs as we helped everyone find a good book.  Ella loves to come in with her class and see us!  Delaney's class (5th and 6th graders) doesn't usually have time to come, but today they did!

The other birthday celebrated was for Melissa - both Delaney and Ella bought little gifts for her yesterday when we went apple-picking at Stuckey Farm. They made cute cards and decorated sacks for gift bags.  After SS we all went to eat brunch together which was fun.  Melissa loved her gifts, but the best one of all would be job offers for both her and Taylor.  It is unbelievable how dire the job market is right now, for so many.  We all are praying for something to come along very soon!

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