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It won't be much longer until we see the final hummingbird of the season.  I am still having lots of visitors to the nectar feeder out back - they are filling up almost non-stop before they begin their thousands mile long flight south for the winter.  Makes me sort of sad to think it will then be almost 7 months till I see them again.

Tonight "Hans from Belgium" is coming over for supper as he is working at Lilly all week.  Usually Steve goes downtown to eat with him when he's in town, but we wanted to have him at our house this time.  We will enjoy seeing him again and talking over our recent visit with him and his family in Belgium.  What memories!!

Steve got home from Minnesota last night, having been at his folks to celebrate his mom's birthday.  He had such a great visit and really appreciated being able to watch some Twins and Vikes games with his mom, and just plain spend time with both of his folks. 

Next up, I will be taking a trip to Minnesota to visit my folks and family - other than a couple of days in May when I helped with a wedding shower in New Ulm, I haven't been to see them since a year ago in October.  Looking forward to my trip!

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