Mexican Train and Too Much Dancing

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Mexican Train Dominoes is a great game!  We were invited to the Worth's for supper on Friday night (baked spaghetti was superb!), and afterward we played that game for several hours and had tons of laughs! Just the ticket out of the doldrums we had been in all week.  Then on Saturday, the girls spent the day.  Delaney had some earned cash with her, and so we made our way to Target so she could spend it!  What she chose was a Michael Jackson's #1 Hits CD and when we got back home she played it - Ella and I were dancing, twirling each other and I think I must have even lifted her.  Big mistake.  Today I have had such a sore back that I can hardly move!!!  Hopefully it will be alot better on Monday - I am very impatient about having aches and pains!

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glad you enjoyed the evening. we did too, as always.

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