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We just finished watching the movie "Up" ~ I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pixar/Disney turns out one great picture after another and this latest one is right "up" there!  Ed Asner supplies the voice of Mr. Fredericksen, an elderly gentleman who after his wife passes away, goes on the one great adventure the couple had always dreamed of.   Tagging along with him is a young Wilderness Scout named Russell and together they float Mr. F's house (using a gigantic bouquet of colorful balloons!) all the way to the wilds of South America.  Of course lots of adventure, danger and suspense follow - all the way to the kleenex needing ending!   To me, the message of this movie is that friendship has no age boundaries ~ and in this case the bond that develops between 8 year old Russell and the elderly Mr. Fredericksen  is quite heartwarming.

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