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Not the kind that have wings and fly, but the stomach kind!  It is "School Eve" for Delaney and Ella, and I can't help but feel the same way I always did when school was starting the next day.  I guess it is a curious mixture of excitement and dread - a feeling which quickly passes once that first day has ended.

It seems to me that we would go uptown to the Ben Franklin that "day before" and buy our school supplies which consisted of a tablet, 2 pencils, a pink pearl eraser, a box of colors (the 25 count size!) and maybe a schoolbox,  ruler or a little pencil sharpener.  How swell that felt. It was always a bit hard to decide on which tablet to choose - they usually had a big color photo of some movie star on the cover.  And then which color of pencils to buy - the brand was "Onward".  I don't remember Mother coming along (we could walk the 3 blocks uptown by ourselves) but maybe she just looked in a different aisle - there were only 3 aisles I think - until it was time to pay.

We took the girls to Culver's for lunch today, then to Kohl's for a little last minute school clothes shopping.  They seemed ready for tomorrow and we will eagerly await the report at the end of the day!

Rain! Glorious rain!

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We had a great Minnesota trip and now it's back to the salt mines.  The best thing is that we have actually had some rain the past few days - enought to green the grass up a bit and quench the thirst of all the flowers, plants and trees as well.  When I looked out the window this morning and saw the clouds and rain, I did a double take - whoa, what is that I see???

Lots to do here before our trip to Seattle and Las Vegas at the end of the month - the days will fly by!  Next Wednesday the girls start school.  It seems like they just had their "last day" and here we are, ready for the "first day"!

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