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Last night we celebrated "Taylor's new job" with a lovely dinner downtown at the Eagle's Nest restaurant atop the Hyatt hotel - it is a revolving restaurant and we all enjoyed the sights.  We could see all the way out to the Pyramids at 465 and Michigan Road, where Melissa's office is!  Great food, wonderful time!

This afternoon we will be dedicating the beautiful new Pilgrim Lutheran Church at our location on 106th and Shelborne Road.  Ella is singing in the children's choir, and Taylor is playing drums with the handbell choir.  Yesterday the girls and I went over to old Pilgrim for the rummage sale - mostly just "leftovers" that no one wanted in the move.  But we were able to say goodbye to the now very sad-looking and well-worn building.

So, on both accounts - Onward!!!

Rain, please

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Between keeping all the landscaping and flower beds watered, doing the house stuff, and spending many hours at the old and new churches with library moving, I have not had/taken the time to write an entry on this site.  So much is going on, and I must get back into the habit of recording it daily lest I get so far behind I don't know where to start...which is sort of where things are at right now, haha!

Anyway, June has been beautiful and sunny, all that a person would like it to be.  That is except for the fact that all sun makes for crispy grass and plants.

The girls are happy to be out of school, but are spending a sad weekend in Kentucky for the funeral of their Grandpa Bivins.  He was a fine gentleman and many will mourn his passing.

Happier note, Taylor has been hired for a job by IBM as a Systems Service Representative and starts on June 27.  This is the answer to many prayers over the past two years!  We plan to celebrate accordingly in the next week or so!

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