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Mushing up North

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Another busy week gone past - fun outing last Thursday with my Conversation Club to a "wine, dinner and watercolor class", apple picking on Saturday with Delaney and Ella at Stuckey Farm, Library Sunday for the SS classes on Sunday - poof, the days just seem to evaporate with so many things on my list and calendar.

Now I am getting ready to head North to Minnesota on Thursday.  I will enjoy a visit with my folks -  other than May when my my dad was in the hospital,  and two days this summer, I haven't seen them since September of 2010!  Hightlight of the trip will be getting in on the Welcome Back for my dad and other WW II Veterans at Rochester airport when they return from their day trip to Washington DC on October 8. 

In other news, the Monarch caterpillar that has been munching butterfly weed in our garden for the past week or so is now a chrysalis!!  I hope I see the transformation before Thursday!

Running late!!

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Wishing Melissa a belated very happy birthday - she turned the Big 30 yesterday!!   Lots of love and best of everything for a wonderful year ahead!!

The week flies by

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I had a long list of things to accomplish this week - some tasks are crossed off but others remain.  Very typical for me!!

On Wednesday my devotions group met here and the four of us celebrated Barb's 65th birthday - it was to be a surprise party, but the birthday girl showed up earlier than Gloria or Sharon - so I had to explain why the house smelled like an egg casserole!! It was alot of fun anyway, and I feel so blessed to be part of this little circle of friends!  We have been meeting for over 12 years now, starting out with seven - sadly, two have moved, and one is working full time.

At any rate, my week has been full - outside work, inside work, church library work, errands - all that and more, and I have to say that I have made use of every moment!


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First, a belated wish to my mother for a very happy day - Joanne Evenson Cherrington turned 82 on September 3, 2011 - all good thoughts and hopes for many more returns of the day!!

Then, a Happy Birthday to Steve's mom, Elizabeth Richards Hatfield who is 86 years old today - Steve left this morning for Minnesota to spend the week with her and his dad, in celebration of this most important event!!

Old Glory

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Proudly flying the Stars and Stripes we do every day....but with a most somber feeling on this tenth anniversary of the attacks inflicted on thousands of Americans on September 11, 2001.

They're in bloom

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The morning glories are finally blossoming - Heavenly Blue ones by the back porch, and some blue and white variegated ones in the front trellis.  Just lovely!

Had a wonderful visit from Matthew and Davie.  We had a family get together for supper on Friday, and then on Sunday Delaney made us all brunch!  It was her first time to make buttermilk pancakes from scratch, brown sugar and butter syrup, yogurt and granola parfaits, bacon (I helped her with that) and some of Grandma C's famous coffee cake.  Everyone left on Sunday afternoon, so it was very quiet around here!

This week I enjoyed Poetry Plus on Tuesday night - Sharon presented the poetry of Luci Shaw, who also wrote a book entitled "The Crime of Living Cautiously" - wonderful evening.  This morning I had coffee with Barb Lamb and we went over the prize list for our church library Summer Reading Program.  Tonight I have Conversation Club at Kate Reno's house, and tomorrow I will ride along with Gloria over to Cincinatti to visit her mother Helen (age 99!).

My project for the week has been refinishing the coffee and end tables that were given to us by Steve's folks many years ago.  They purchased them in about 1957, and we have been using them in this house for 21 years.  I am done with the coffee table and it looks beautiful!!  I have stripped the end table and now am putting layers of tung oil on it - should finish it by Friday afternoon.  I love the thought of hanging onto "heirlooms" - just think of all the conversations and life experience those tables have been a part of  - I would think that we will use them for many more years to come!  Now, if we could get our 32 year old couch recovered, I would be very pleased!

Hello September, and welcome to the start of autumn!

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