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What a week

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It has been both a fun and a sad week.  Fun part for certain was our trip up to Cedar Point Amusement Park and Cleveland/Lake Erie to visit Matthew and Davie.  We spent 12 hours at Cedar Point on Friday!!  Ella and Uncle Matthew take the ride-riding prize - they love all the thrill rides so much!  Delaney loves the spinning rides that stay on the ground and we all found something that we liked to do.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and about 75 - just perfect! On Saturday we went to Lake Erie and the girls swam in the big lake there. We drove home on Sunday, having enjoyed every minute of our vacation!!

The sad part was that on Saturday I had two longtime school friends pass away, Kathy and LaVerne, both at the young age of 59.  Kathy was my closer friend, since 2nd grade - she had battled cancer for over 7 years - I will miss her more than words can say.  LaVerne was a friend since 9th grade, and she had cancer for almost 6 years.  Both were classy ladies, and will always be fondly remembered.

This week I have been busy working outside and inside, doing picture editing and ordering, and just plain doing what it takes to get the job done.  Nothing wrong with that as I would rather be busy than be twiddling my thumbs!

No matter what, I just have to say that I love Summertime!

Ohio bound

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Tomorrow we are taking the girls on a little trip to Ohio to visit Uncle Matthew and Davie.  Our first stop will be Cedar Point Amusement Park where we will spend the day on Friday, along with Uncle Matthew.  On Saturday we will head on over to Cleveland for a visit with the guys there.  We haven't been there since a year ago March, so it will be fun to explore and enjoy their city again.  Delaney and Ella are great travelers, and would be on the go all the time if we were able to do that !!  Should be a fun few days!

Ruby Anniversary

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I guess that is what the 40th wedding anniversary is called! Steve and I celebrated that milestone today, and we had a nice time at the Talbott Street Art Fair just walking up and down the street, looking at the amazing art works, jewelry, pottery, wood working, clothing and more.  After that we had a nice lunch on the patio at Applebees in Broad Ripple.  It is a beautiful location, overlooking the White River in the shade of lots of huge trees.  A low-key, but very fun anniversary!

Busy week

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June has started out with lots of activity.  Here at the house, we have had guests almost every night for the past week - that would be Delaney and Ella!  Both girls have had haircuts, been swimming, played outside, worked in their gardens, watched some movies and just generally enjoyed their first week of summer vacation.  Ahhh, what a nice sound those two words have - as old as I am, I will never stop enjoying this time of respite from the structure of school days.  Like Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) once said "There's never enough time to do all the nothing that I want to do".  Perfectly put.

Two shining stars

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Yesterday was the last day of school for Delaney and Ella and I was able to attend the Award Ceremony for Delaney. She was honored twice, once for Perfect Attendance and again for a very special Citizenship Award, the latter of which was a surprise to her.  She was very sweet as she received it, humbly but with a big smile!!  Ella was honored to receive a certificate for having "Straight A's" all year long in her 2nd grade - quite wonderful!  Delaney herself had almost all A's and only several B's this year on her report cards.

We are so blessed to be a part of our granddaughter's lives!!

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