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Two more blue ones

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Today and tomorrow are the last days we will be on the island and we couldn't possibly have had a more wonderful time here. When we arrived on February 9 it seemed like the days stretched forever ahead and there would be more time than what we knew what to do with. haha!  We have filled every day with both old and new adventures and activities - but even so, we leave with some sights unseen, other activities untouched, and plenty of new adventures with no time to attempt!! We have had fun times with friends here, probably one of the best things about being in Honolulu!

Today we will go up to the North Shore one last time to watch the waves and surfers and to walk barefoot in the incredibly deep and beautiful sandy beach.   This afternoon it will be time to start repacking our belongings and the "Hawaii" we are bringing home.  Tonight we will be with Lis and Nils, Hanne and Larry.  Tomorrow we will return the rental car, take one last walk along Waikiki Beach and hopefully stop to say goodbye to Woody (and to Diamond Head!), then put on our "winter clothes" before William picks us up to go to the airport for our 5:30 pm flight home.

Aloha to this island that I have to call heavenly!!

Continued warm and sunny

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That is a weather phrase I always have loved to hear when it is summer at home!  Here, that could be the standing forecast for most days.  Even though there have been some clouds, and a few sprinkles at times, "warm and sunny" pretty much says it all for the weather since we arrived on the island two weeks ago.  Add to this the unbelievable green of the trees and the deep colors of the flowers and you have "heaven on earth".   I really don't think there is a place like this on the planet so nearly perfect in every way! 

We are continuing to enjoy our stay, and feel so thankful and blessed to be here.

Feeling guilty

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I am reading all about the latest snowstorm in Minnesota, and here I am in Honolulu enjoying 82 degrees and sunshine while looking at the Pacific Ocean...feeling guilty but extremely blessed to be here!

Artist and whales

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Last night we were dinner guests of our friend Woody Chock and his wife Raelene at a beautiful Chinese restaurant called Jade Dynasty.  The food was delicious and the conversation was so interesting - we could have spent even longer sitting and talking as we didn't come close to running out of topics to discuss!  Woody is a watercolor artist whose paintings we have bought quite a few of over the years we have coming to Honolulu.  Steve designed a new website for Woody after our visit to Hawaii last year.  His wife Raelene is a school administrator.  Lovely people, both of them!

It is a gorgeous morning here - as we look out to the Pacific Ocean from our lanai we can see many surfers and boats of every shape and size.  In a little while we will join them when we go on a whale watching cruise.  From our lanai we are able to see whales breeching, but they are too far out to sea for a good look, so we are hoping for some nice close-up views today!!

A birthday aloha

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Loving Birthday wishes from across the ocean to my dad who turns 86 today!!!

Aloha and hope to see you soon!

Valentine's Day

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We went to a birthday breakfast this morning for our friend Lis - in typical Scandinavian style it was very delicious and many different foods were served.  We had champagne, followed by egg casserole (Hanne brought this), huge pancakes with fruit toppings, homemade rolls, frikedille, cheeses, pickled herring and cookies.  There were ten of us to help celebrate - Lis, Nils, Steve and I, Hanne and Larry, Polly, Leo, Shel and Marjorie. Very nice!  Later Steve and I took a walk down the beach and we stopped at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani to say hello to Wood Chock, our artist friend.  We will have dinner with him and his wife this Wednesday.

A lovely Valentine's Day!!

Walking along the beach

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Today we walked along the beach all the way past the Moana.  We went to visit our artist friend Woody Chock who has his paintings for sale each Friday at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel.  He is an amazing artist and has become a friend to us as well.  After we talked to him for awhile we went over to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel for a liitle lunch before we walked back down the beach to our hotel again.  Tonight we at dinner at The Chart House - always an excellent meal, and beautiful view overlooking the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.  We ended the night with watching the fireworks display over the Hilton Lagoon.  Another perfect day in paradise!


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It is as beautiful here as I remember - the warm breezes, the sunshine, the gorgeous flowers, the lovely people - everything is perfect.  We have a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from our hotel room, and we can see Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head also.  I don't think there is anything more inspirational than seeing and hearing the ocean.  We look forward to many wonderful activities over the next 2 weeks.  But mainly to just soaking in all of the beauty that is Hawaii.

Ready or not!

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Tomorrow is the last day to prepare for our trip to Honolulu - most things are packed and the list of things to take care of is nearly done.  The weather has calmed down and shouldn't prevent our travel on Wednesday.  I wonder how much snow will be left here by the time we return?  Certainly the big plow piles in the parking lots will remain, but it is likely that the streets and lawns will be bare.  We sure are looking forward to leaving "real winter" behind and trading it for the warm breezes and sunshine on Waikiki!!

I can hear the ocean

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Only 4 more days until we leave for Paradise - I can hear the waves, and feel the warmth of the sun if I close my eyes and meditate!! 

No fun

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We are in the midst of an icestorm here, and it could get ugly if the prediction of "widespread and longlasting" power outages comes to be.  Our lives are so dependent on the flip of a switch, that to be without electricity is probably the most daunting thought we can imagine.  Here's to keeping our fingers crossed that the sleet and freezing rain amounts will be lower than what is forecast!

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