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Reliving our trip

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I am finally starting to put pictures from our trip to Europe into photo albums!  The good part of this is I am reliving every moment of the absolutely wonderful experience as I look at each photo. The bad part is that some of the details and the timeline are starting to fade!!  I need to get out my diary and recheck the places and dates so that everything gets put in the correct order.

Overall, I can't think of enough positive words to express the fun we had on this trip - I would go again in a heartbeat. It all sort of seems like a dream now....

Halloween Preview

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I saw the girls at church tonight when they had their Halloween Party for KIC - both of them looked adorable!  Delaney was a lady Phantom of the Opera (her favorite musical at the moment) and Ella was elegant as another opera character, Christine Daae!  They are both so excited for trick or treating on Sunday, as much for the dressing up in costume part as for the candy I think!

Travel delay

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Looks like it will now be Halloween weekend when Matthew comes to visit - his red car made yesterday's drive not happen!  And a too tempting trade-in offer made he and Davie new car owners today...good for them!  

Company's coming

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Happy to report that Matthew is arriving from Cleveland on Tuesday for a little autumn visit to coincide with Fall Break for Delaney and Ella!  They are pretty excited as are the rest of us since we haven't seen him since last February.  No big plans, just relax and enjoy spending a couple of days together before he heads back on Friday.  I think some chocolate chip cookies will be hot out of the oven when he arrives!

Poem for October

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Several years ago Matthew sent this poem along to me, knowing how much I would like it.  (He was so right!)  Written by Richard Eberhart, a native Minnesotan who is now late, it describes perfectly a beautiful autumn day.  I have been unsuccessful in finding a book of his poetry, but haven't given up.  For now, the enjoyment of this poem is enough pleasure for this brilliant October day...


The Illusion of Eternity


Things of this world

In pure afternoons of gold,

And splendor of October,

Radiant air, still trees,

Give the illusion of eternity.


As if there were no suffering,

No ancient heart-ache of the being,

No tortures of the soul,

No struggle with mortality,

But changelessness, eternity.


A leaf falls here and there.

There are small birds a-chirp,

A chipmunk on a pine tree,

No cloud in the sky,

October afternoon, gold rarity.


Through the transparent air

Time is a kind of singing

In the inner being,

Acceptable singing,

Giving the illusion of eternity.


                         ~Richard Eberhart, 1904 - 2005



Birthday Boy

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Yesterday got away from me, and I am late in wishing a very happy birthday to Matthew!  34 years old, hard to believe it's been that many years since our early morning trip to Unity Hospital in Fridely, Minnesota!

Conversation Club 25th Anniversary

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Tonight my CC group will mark our 25th anniversary!  Hard to believe we have been meeting for that many years - wow!  We are going downtown to The Best Chocolate Company where we'll tour the kitchen, eat chocolate and take some home.  Should be alot of fun! 

Rewind to summer!

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It hit 88 degrees here this afternoon - a record high temperature for this date.    In church this morning the air conditioning was running, and it felt good!  Taylor played drums at the late service, and Melissa, Delaney and Ella and Steve and I all attended.  Hadn't seen the girls for three weeks, so they came home with us and spent the afternoon here - I am really beginning to see a more "grown-up" Delaney and of course Ella too is no longer just a little kid! 

A very pleasant "summery" Sunday today!

October already?

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Having been gone for the better part of the last 2 1/2 months, it is hard to believe that October has arrived!  The trees here are beginning to show some colors, but with the drought conditions it may not be as pretty as other years.

I just returned from a two week visit with my folks and family - hadn't spent time with them like that since last October!  So it was fun to just settle in, and share the daily happenings with everyone.  We went to five different dances (Oktoberfest time!), the Creedence Clearwater Revival concert (my folks and us four siblings) which was super fun, went on some drives in the beautiful Minnesota River Valley (saw lots of flooded areas), had a fish fry, got together with some of my girl cousins, helped my folks with their new laptop and new 52 inch flatscreen and blueray dvd player (watched some football and some movies too), visited my dad's shop in Hanska, went with my mom to her "Knitter's Coffee" (no one actually knits any more!), and many more lovely activities - too many to mention (or to remember!). 

Now it is time to settle back in to real life with all that it brings to us here right now.  Still hoping and praying for a job to come along for Taylor, and the law enforcement academy to begin a new class for Matthew (although he is as good as working for Davie, taking care of alot of the online record keeping  he needs to do for his job).  For Steve, we hope another web design client shows up!!  And for me, who knows - I may just see what is out there for the holiday season to help with those upcoming expenses!

In brighter news - we saw a Junco eating seed on the ground two days ago - last year they didn't show up till the middle of December!!  A cheery little deep gray and white bird, they only stay through the winter months - which makes me wonder, are we in for a long snowy season since they have arrived this early??

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