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More September birthdays

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Today I celebrated two birthdays -  it is my friend Barb's special day and I was able to be with her at church this morning.  She is my library assistant and we had our first "Library Sunday" where all the SS children come into the library to check out a book. We enjoyed a cup of coffee and alot of laughs as we helped everyone find a good book.  Ella loves to come in with her class and see us!  Delaney's class (5th and 6th graders) doesn't usually have time to come, but today they did!

The other birthday celebrated was for Melissa - both Delaney and Ella bought little gifts for her yesterday when we went apple-picking at Stuckey Farm. They made cute cards and decorated sacks for gift bags.  After SS we all went to eat brunch together which was fun.  Melissa loved her gifts, but the best one of all would be job offers for both her and Taylor.  It is unbelievable how dire the job market is right now, for so many.  We all are praying for something to come along very soon!

Hummers, Hans, Home

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It won't be much longer until we see the final hummingbird of the season.  I am still having lots of visitors to the nectar feeder out back - they are filling up almost non-stop before they begin their thousands mile long flight south for the winter.  Makes me sort of sad to think it will then be almost 7 months till I see them again.

Tonight "Hans from Belgium" is coming over for supper as he is working at Lilly all week.  Usually Steve goes downtown to eat with him when he's in town, but we wanted to have him at our house this time.  We will enjoy seeing him again and talking over our recent visit with him and his family in Belgium.  What memories!!

Steve got home from Minnesota last night, having been at his folks to celebrate his mom's birthday.  He had such a great visit and really appreciated being able to watch some Twins and Vikes games with his mom, and just plain spend time with both of his folks. 

Next up, I will be taking a trip to Minnesota to visit my folks and family - other than a couple of days in May when I helped with a wedding shower in New Ulm, I haven't been to see them since a year ago in October.  Looking forward to my trip!

Happy Birthday!

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Loving wishes go out to Steve's mother, Liz!  She is celebrating her 85th birthday today ~ here's to many more happy returns of the day!

In memory

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...and the skies were empty and silent for the rest of that week....

Sharing Jane

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This afternoon Gloria came over to see the full version of our Jane Austen/Chawton/Winchester photos.  First we had tea (Earl Grey from Fortnum and Mason) and cucumber sandwiches and then looked at the souvenier booklets from Chawton House.  We discussed some of Jane's books and characters and then we sat in front of the computer  and looked at pictures from our trip to her home in Chawton.  It was a wonderful visit, or I shoud say "re-visit" - it is almost as a dream that I really went to England and saw that charming village.    And to be able to share my travels with a dear friend was truly special!


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It was a beautiful sunny day today, and in doing my "cloud-check" I saw forms I had never observed.  There were spirals (jets doing barrel rolls?!), feathers (like huge quill pens) and dots and dashes (Morse code?) among other sorts of  whispy high clouds.  Helen, Gloria's 98 year old mother, always says that looking up at the sky and clouds is the best mood elevator and I absolutely agree.    Steve was up in the wild blue yonder this afternoon - he jetted up to Minnesota to visit his folks and help his mom celebrate her 85th birthday on Sunday!

RIP Kit-Kat and Ruby

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A funeral was held here at the house tonight for Kit-Kat the gerbil, Delaney's pet since 2005.  She lived an eventful life, surviving a tail straightening attempt by Ella 3 years ago (resulting in half of her tail being pulled off!) and lots of fun with her sister gerbil Ruby, Ella's pet who passed away just 2 weeks ago.  Both gerbils are buried up next to the front of our house, and have wooden crosses to mark the plots. A neighboring gravesite holds Taylor's pet guinea pig Abbot and her son Costello who belonged to Matthew.  They have been gone for about 15 years I guess.   At any rate, it was fun to have an unexpected visit from the girls tonight!

Poetry Plus

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Tonight Sharon presented a nice program on spiritual nourishment, "Fresh Bread".  She spoke about contemplative prayer, lectio divina, and thankfulness and how we can use these practices to feed our souls.  We each got a packet of dry yeast to keep and use as a bookmark/reminder which I thought was very clever.  And after her presentation she served us bread and cheese and iced tea, very nice!

Last picnic of summer

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The weather was beautiful today!  Labor Day is usually quite hot, but this year was an exception I guess.  Steve worked part of the day on the website for his client, and I worked outside with some watering  and inside dealing with trip photos!  Had a nice phone call from Matthew and Davie - we miss them being here for our annual Labor Day get together. Taylor, Melissa and the girls came over for supper around 5:30 - we had good steaks on the grill, and afterwards we sat outside for awhile before they left for home.  It is a school night so bedtime is a bit more important.

The evening is so cool and nice, a sure sign of fall...

100 Acres

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Today Delaney, Steve and I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art to walk around the newly opened outdoor area named "100 Acres".  There are outdoor sculptures, some of them huge, spaced throughout the beautiful grounds - some of it wooded, some left open ground and besides the White River along one side there is a beautiful small lake.  There is experimental living structure in the middle, called "Indianapolis Island" and along another side is a ship called Eden II.   We even saw a water snake in along the shore!  It was a beautiful, sunny and mild day - perfect for an outing to the IMA's newest addition.

Rock and Roll on the Prairie

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Last night we went to Conner Prairie for "Symphony on the Prairie", an annual summer series of outdoor concerts.  We were guests of Steve and Gloria Worth, and the evening was such fun!  The concert was "Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper"  and their music was recreated so well.  We brought a picnic supper to eat first, and then during the concert Gloria and I did our fair share of dancing!  Who can sit still for good old rock and roll??  Steve and Steve apparently, but they were very tolerant of us ladies and our spirited enjoyment!!

We hope to be able to go again maybe next summer - music under the stars can't be beat!

Many happy returns of the day!

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Happy Birthday wishes going out today to my mother, who turns 81 today ~ wish I could be with her to celebrate!

And belated birthday wishes to Davie, who had the big 4-0 on August 23rd!!  Also wish we could have been together for a party, but we were a little bit too far away!  But when we are next together, a gala celebration will take place - this birthday is quite a milestone!

What a month!

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We are home again, and reliving our trip in our thoughts and through hundreds of photographs that we took along the way.  Each place we visited had something unique to remember it by, and the people that we visited added so much to our trip that I don't think we will ever forget the wonderful experience of a trip across the pond!

Now it is back to my real life, and all the daily routines and chores that I had left behind ~ it's funny how fast one can slip back into the ordinary life, and for that I am very thankful for!   Certainly it is enough to have the memories of our trip of a lifetime to process through for many years to come!

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