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Land of Sky Blue Waters

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We are spending some time in Minnesota this week, visiting Steve's folks and doing some "tourist" activities as well.  Yesterday we took the girls to the Mall of America  - they were amazed at the size of it, and we really only walked around  one of the four sections.  Today we hope to go to the Minnesota History Center, a beautiful and interesting facility we are very proud of due to Steve's dads close involvement for many years.  The girls are having fun playing Barbies, doing art work, working on jigsaw puzzles and talking with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa!

We love Minnesota!

Father's Day

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Wishing all the Dads in our family a very restful and happy day!!

Friday already!

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A week ago today Delaney and Ella came over and I took them swimming at the Y pool - great fun!  Over the weekend we had severe weather and lost electricity on 3 occasions for about 6 hours at a time.  I learned that it takes 6 lit candles to read by!  On Monday Steve drove up to Minnesota as his mom wasn't feeling well.  So I have been here alone this week, and making use of my "unconstructed time" to get alot of jobs done both inside and outside.  Also earned a little cash by taking part in a consumer study for a market research company, went to Conversation Club last night, and then this morning met my dear friend Jan Renfro, her daughter and grandson for breakfast (in town from Arizona).  So the week has just flown by!!  One week from today, we are flying up to Minnesota with the girls to visit their great-grandparents.  And then when we return I think it will be only 4 weeks until we leave for our Europe trip.

Time flies...


Just got this email from my brother Craig, and I am more than proud to share it:


I was just watching the NBC news and in a story about the BP oil spill they showed a Cherrington Beach Cleaner outfitted to pick up tar balls on Orange Beach Alabama! (I can still remember Linda and I traveling in 100+ degree weather to Texas in a little black pick up with no air conditioner in the early 80's to retrieve that first beach cleaner and then the very first sale of our very own machine I sold using the sand left over from my sand blasting area at USA trailer sales!)
Who would have thought that would lead to the Cherrington Beach Cleaner being sold world wide and featured on many TV programs and magazine articles around the world. Judi and Dad did a hell of a job to get it to the point it is today and should be proud as should all those family and co-workers that supported all of us that produced and sold that machine and all of the additional models, over the years. Our dad really is a once in a million engineer, very few people realize the kind of thought and precision required to do the things he does.

Its on right now on NBC..


I guess this is as close as I will ever come to being famous:)    I am going to see if I can find the news piece and if I do, I will post the link.


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Remembering the brave men who risked or lost their lives on this day in 1944, for the freedom of our European brothers and sisters.  Thank you....

The beautiful word.....Summer

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I am pretty certain that the credit goes to Henry James for this quote - "Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."  I have nothing to add but my total agreement! 

We got home from Minnesota on Wednesday after enjoying Alicia Ruth and Matt's lovely wedding, theirs being a match truly made in heaven.  Also very nice was the day we spent with Steve's folks before driving back here.  We are quite blessed with so many wonderful relatives to spend time with.

Since coming home I have been busy with putting things back in order inside and then of course working with all of my plants and flowers outside.  I have to say that I love messing around in the earth, tending everything and just plain soaking in the sights!!  The trees are lush and colorful right now, all shades of greens, reds, and even blue hues.  Flowers, shrubs, vegetables and the like are spectacular.  The birds are singing as sweetly as can be and it's so much fun right now to watch the house wrens who have a nest in the little pottery house that Jan Renfro gave me years ago.  The hummingbirds are drinking nectar as fast as I can fill their feeder and the goldfinches can't be any more brilliantly yellow than they are right now. 

I am so thankful for these simple pleasures which serve to remind me of summers past when I was a little girl ~ I don't think there has been a time when I didn't enjoy the wonders of summer! 


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