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A very interesting morning so far here on Waikiki Beach - sirens are going off that are so loud they could wake the dead.  There is a parade of boats leaving the yacht harbor for the safety of the open sea, the roads are closed along Waikiki (they are coned), the beaches of course are closed, even the ABC Store on Ala Moana.  A conserve water warning was issued, the power has been turned off for the elevators in the building and everyone is out on their lanai looking out to sea for what is coming in the next 30 minutes or so, at about 11:30 am our time.

To be continued...

The North Shore

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Today we drove up to the North Shore of Oahu - a more heavenly shoreline and ocean view does not exist I am quite certain.  We began by stopping for awhile at Ka'ena State Park Reserve, a more rocky beach along the northern tip of the island.  Then we drove along over to Haleiwa where we stopped for a genuine Matsumoto Grocery Store shave ice.  I had a combination cherry and pineapple, Steve had a banana shave ice.  DE-Licious!!  We headed on along to our favorite North Shore beach site - Uhukai, where there was being held the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic. We settled in to watch that competition along with the regular surfers and before we knew it, several hours had passed by.  I took lots of great photos and some movie clips which we will look at over and over again.  I have to pinch myself to believe that I have really seen surfing along the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii.  We then headed back to Honolulu and got cleaned up in time to head up to the top floor of our hotel (26th) to Sarento's Restaurant.  Hotel guests had been invited to a drinks and pu pu's reception from 5 till 6 pm.  It was very nice!  We stayed for dinner, and had a great Diamond Head view table.  Both of us had the spaghetti with sirloin meatballs.  Delicious as always!

Now we are back in our room and attending to the task at hand - uploading today's photos to Picasa!!  We are having more fun than two people should be allowed to have!

Losing my sense of time

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Since we arrived in paradise on Friday, I have lost all sense of time and season!   The day of the week?  Monday...no wait, it's Tuesday!  What time is it?  Hmmmm, 5 pm.  Wrong!  That would be Indiana time, here it's only noon (I never change my watch when I travel).  The month - who knows???  Who cares!

No problem, here in Honolulu all that counts is that we are enjoying ourselves soooo much that time and season don't matter at all!

Lots of Aloha

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It is heavenly here on this island - perfect blue skies, gentle breeze and about 80 degrees.  We have walked the beach, stopped for a Mai Tai at the Royal Hawaiian, snapped a few pictures and now back at the Ilikai to regroup a bit before heading down to the deck area to read for awhile.  Our flight over here was long, but made very enjoyable by watching some movies and eating some very good food along the way.  While it still seems very odd not to have Steve's folks here to enjoy our time with, we will absolutely cherish every minute of our stay nonetheless!



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We just called our regular Honolulu taxi driver, William, to arrange airport pickup for tomorrow.  He reports "Tradewinds- beautiful blue skies - 78 degrees".   I am soooooo anxious to get out of this snowtown and arrive in the island paradise of Oahu!!!!


Packing it in

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Time to finalize preparations for our trip to Honolulu! I have spent this week cleaning, shuffling and sifting "stuff", running errands, taking care of bills, making phone calls, catching up on emails, picking out clothes to bring etc etc etc - all necessary chores to accomplish in order to be gone for 2 weeks.  Yet tonight I plan to pack my suitcase as I have learned not to do this at the last minute.  Steve on the other hand, thinks that is a little crazy!  He can do the job in about 10 minutes, lucky guy. 

I neglected yesterday to wish my dad a Happy 85th birthday!  I enjoyed a phone visit with him, but always feel sad that we can't observe our folk's birthdays in person with them.  We are so blessed with being able to visit our parents other times of the year, so I can't complain.

Honolulu, here we come!!!!

Snow, snow go away!

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We have been experiencing some genuine snowy winter weather lately - it hasn't stopped me from getting out on my appointed rounds but I am feeling a bit unsettled nonetheless.  We are set to leave for Hawaii early Friday morning, and more snow is predicted for sometime that day.  Mother Nature, feel free to  send a whopper blizzard anytime after 8:15 am on the 19th ~ but please, not any sooner!  Thank you.


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Over the weekend Delaney and Ella had so much fun digging around in the closet full of their dad's old toys and belongings. They came upon treasures like an "Inspector Gadget" figure, micro-mini machines (tiny cars, trucks, planes, etc) and a playset for them, Construx pieces and the best of all - huge amounts of Legos!! Some were actual vehicles, houses, robots etc etc that had been put together by Taylor or Matthew many moons ago and never taken apart.  There were also several huge containers of Lego pieces just waiting to be made into whatever their imagination could come up with.  Delaney and Ella spent several hours playing with the Legos, and I have to say it brought back so many memories of the hours and hours that their dad and uncle spent doing the same thing!! 

I am a saver, an historian, a preserver, perhaps most aptly put, a bit of a "pack rat" in hanging onto things like the Legos! But I am validated when I see the enjoyment those Legos provided for two little girls!

It's Time!

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This morning I hauled out my stack of Hawaiian music CD's - it's crucial to start listening to them at just the right time preceding our return to the islands.  Started too soon, the time just drags until the day we leave and if one waits to the last moment that is just as bad!  I like to get back in the aloha mood about two or three weeks before our flight - we leave on February 19, so this is just about the perfect day!  Next week I will start to find my summer clothes and begin making piles of "pack" and "not sure".  I pretty much know what to bring, but even so there are a few decisions to make!

It has been a sad few days in the friend department.  I lost a dear Pine City friend who died of a brain injury at age 58 - he was a cheerful, positive and loyal friend all through my growing up years and to think of him gone is quite sad.  Then a Lilly friend of Steve's, the third person he met there, passed away from brain cancer at age 61 -  he had suffered with this for just over a year. Phil was a hard working, innovative and insightful person.  His kids went to school with ours, so we knew Phil and Patty in that way too.  Steve attended his funeral today.    Both deaths are a reminder of how much we need to appreciate each day we are given, and not put off the opportunities to enjoy our families and friends in every way we can.

Tonight I will enjoy my Conversation Club ladies when we meet at Raquel's for an evening of chatting and laughing!!

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