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On the news tonight there was a story done about the school Ella attends in Fishers.  She is one of the 15% schoolwide absentees down with the flu virus - likely all of the sick children have a variation of H1N1 the report stated.  She didn't feel at all well last Saturday when we picked apples at Stuckey Farm, and by that evening she had a 101 degree fever that didn't go down until today.  We knew she wasn't feeling well when she told us the smell of the candy corn in the store made her feel sick!!  That plus the fact she was hardly talking, which for Ella is quite abnormal!!  So far Delaney hasn't become sick, but Grandpa has!!  Steve started to feel a bit lousy last night, but went to work today.  Tonight he feels no better and even thinks he may stay home tomorrow - in 30 years at Lilly he could count his sick days on one hand I think!!

I am planning to stay well.


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This morning I got stung by a yellow-jacket on the front of my neck  - there's still so much swelling that it looks like I have a goiter.  Do people still get goiters these days???  Something about iodine in the salt now that prevents them?

Birthday and Blessing

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Continuing with the abundance of September birthdays, we celebrated Melissa's on Saturday!  (Also the birthday of my good friend Barb)  We gave her a reconditioned bike that she was so happy to recieve - now she and the girls can take rides together around their neighborhood.   Yesterday at church Delaney took Communion for the first time and the ceremony was very nice.  She had attended an Early Communion class a month ago, along with another girl her age and they both were so very serious and excited to be doing this.  We gave Delaney an angel figurine and a book of devotions for girls. 

A very nice weekend!

Hawaii Bound!!

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With extreme thanks to Steve's folks who are the providers of this amazing feast, we are headed back to the heavenly island of Oahu next February - we made our plane reservations last night.  Now the wait begins....

More Birthdays!

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A very special birthday today, Steve's mother Elizabeth turns 84!!  He is in Minnesota to celebrate the day with her and his dad.  What a wonderful time they must be having.

Then also it is my dear friend Shelbe Lanam"s birthday today as well, not sure how many candles are on her cake, but then again I guess it doesn't really matter!


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Thinking back to 2001 today...

Mr. Riffle's tomatoes

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The latest bunch of fresh tomatoes from Mr. Riffle were cooked up into a delicious spaghetti sauce yesterday....I can't believe what a difference they make in the flavor.  If I could have one thing garden fresh all year long it woud be tomatoes.  Mr. Riffle's tomatoes.


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Delaney has found a house that she wants us to move to.  It is across the street and down two houses from hers. A higgley elderly couple own it right now, but need to sell it and move to a one story house.  Delaney brought the flier over the other day, and just like a realtor she gave us quite a sales pitch with room by room descriptions and a special emphasis on the established perennial beds outside!  While it would be fun to be closer, what I would much rather see is her family be able to purchase the home and have more space.  And better yet, have an investment for the unbelievably high rent they pay.  In these extremely tough economic times, I often wonder if that will ever be a reality.  The days of easy mortgages are over, and coming up with a down payment will prevent many young families from home ownership.  Yea for their landlord I guess in this case. 


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I love September, it is a quiet and lovely transition into autumn.  The days are still summerlike and warm.  The evenings are cool and open-window worthy for sleeping.  The flower beds and plantings have begun to wane a bit, but soon I will be adding mums.  Not just yet though, because when I do that it always seems like I have thrown in the towel on summer!

We had a nice Labor Day weekend with visits from Delaney and Ella.  Yesterday we had a nice indoor picnic (bothersome yellowjackets outside - dangerous for Steve) with everyone.  Mesquite smoked turkey on the grill, fresh cucumber (from Mr. Riffle) salad, deviled eggs (farms eggs from Minnesota), Old Dutch chips, Indiana State Fair Corn (from Matthew and Davie) and a delicious frozen Oreo dessert (made by Melissa).  We were entertained with a puppet show by the girls  before dessert time.  Oh my it was a good meal and a nice visit with our family! 

80 years old

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A very Happy Birthday today to my mother, Joanne Thelma!  I have been trying to reach her on the phone all afternoon and evening, but no one's home.  So there must be some big time celebrating going on!!

More friends

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Yesterday was great - we had the Bischoff's with us.  They are our dear friends from our Minneapolis days - we can pick right up and gab and laugh as if no time has passed between visits.  Gerald had business appointments all day, so Deb and I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art to stroll the grounds, stop at the greenhouses and then view the collections in the galleries.  In the evening we all were downtown and had the best dinnner at St. Elmo's Steakhouse!  Wow - I had forgotten how good the food was there as I hadn't eaten there since the first time down here to interview at Lilly 30 years ago!  (The restaurant has been in business since 1902 so I guess that says alot!)   It was a perfect day.

Times flies...

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....whether you're having fun or not.  And I have been having fun!  My trip up to Minnesota for my mother's 80th birthday started out the week.  I met the rest of my family at the Chanhassen Inn and in the evening we all went to dinner and the show "Always, Patsy Cline".  Very entertaining!  The next day we went to The Galleria for lunch at The Good Earth, then parted ways for home.  I went to New Ulm and enjoyed a few days at my folks.  Barbara came to spent a day too and we got in on a fabulous meal of lake sunfish that my dad had caught and prepared with his secret batter.  Fantastic!!  The next weekend I headed back to the cities to visit my high school friend Rob and his partner Wim at their cottage on Orchard Lake.  What a blast to catch on the past 15 years!!  Then Saturday I drove on up to Pine City for my 40th high school reunion.  I enjoyed that so much - some of the people there I had known since 1st grade, 50 years of friendship is something quite special.  Sunday morning I left Pine City and drove back here to Indianapolis - 750 miles but I am pretty used to going distances like that in one day.  The week really flew by, and I am so thankful I was able to get to all of those doings!!

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