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A Birth Day

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Today is my brother's birthday - Craig Alan arrived on August 17, 1952.  Being not yet two years old at the time,  I don't have any recollection of the day.  But I'm sure I was excited to see my baby brother when my folks brought him home from the hospital.  It's really something to think that among my relatives,  my siblings and I are in the first generation of babies born in hospitals.  My parents and all of their siblings were born at home with the assistance of the country doctor.  Thinking about the amount of high tech hoopla (3-D ultrasounds for instance!) involved with bringing the babies of the 21st century into this world, it almost seems impossible that I can link hands between the two extremes!

Sunday afternoon

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It was a hot August day, one of those when I am thankful for air conditioning!  I was outside quite a bit, watering flowers and later on sitting on the porch swing reading (a great biography of Daniel Boone) but I was happy to go inside and cool off every so often.  Down in the zinnea garden I was able to photograph a beautiful black swallowtail butterfly who was sampling quite a few of the blossoms.  Several days ago I was lucky enough to capture some good shots of a female hummingbird sipping nectar from the honeysuckle vine flowers.   While I am content with my point and shoot Canon, every so often I think about how much better my pictures would be with an SLR camera.  But nothing can match the enjoyment of bird and butterfly watching with my own eyes! 

Back to class

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Today I took Delaney and Ella downtown to have lunch with Steve at Lilly, then over to the greenhouses at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. On the way home we drove through our old neighborhood and the house where their daddy (and we!) lived after he was born here almost 30 years ago! Also stopped to have a garden tour at my Conversation Club friend Susan. A fun "last day" of freedom for the girls!   Hard to believe that for them summer is's not even dog days yet!

Just lovely

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We headed Up North last weekend to visit with Steve's folks.  Delaney and Ella were with us, and they had a wonderful visit with their great-grandparents.  Both of them have been well taught how important family ties are, and they appreciated so very much getting to go on this trip.   They love Minnesota!  I try to teach them how to "talk Minnesotan" as much as possible and it is really funny to hear them try to pronounce simple words like "now" and "cow" and "how"' in the flat  Minnesota way as opposed to their normal "nee-ow", "cee-ow" and ""hee-ow" ways.  (slight exageration!!)

They are already asking when the next trip to the land of sky blue waters will be!!

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