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Mushing Up North

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I'm driving up to Minnesota tomorrow for the annual Cherrington gathering.  For the first time in 11 years the entire clan will be in attendance - 28 of us!  It has been quite a science fair from our end, figuring out everyone's travel and lodging plans but in the end we will be very thankful that we were able to go.  My van is loaded to the gills!  Matthew and Davie are driving up and first visiting  Gr & Gr Hatfield in the cities.  Taylor, Melissa and girls are headed straight to New Ulm and will go to the cities on their way home.  Steve is flying up on Friday.  Can't wait to have my whole family with me to a reunion for once!!


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Our trip to the great Northwest was very nice - Steve was busy with his UPA conference every day, so Delaney and I found plenty to do.  We visited the the Chinese Classical Gardens, the Japanese Gardens, the Portland Rose Gardens and lots of other city sites.  When Steve was finished with the conference we drove over to the ocean for a day - wonderful!!   Delaney was truly in her element and enjoyed the tide pools and the huge expanses of sand - she even found a jelly fish to use with her sand and sea shell creation!  Another fun thing was to see our nephew Samuel and his girlfriend Debbie when they were in Portland!!!  We all love to travel, and Delaney especially at her young age.  She is quite helpful and the long plane ride was absolutely no problem for her!  I think she would travel all summer long if she could.

Singing and swimming and summer fun

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Last Sunday Delaney and Ella were in the the children's musical at church.  Jailhouse Rock was  wonderful - lots of bouncy songs and great lyrics.  Delaney had a couple of lines to speak, and a duet to sing.  Ella had a front row spot - she is quite a performer!!  She also had a special singing part and did a great job.  Afterwards we had all of our bunch over here for brunch, featuring one of Grandma C's gorgeous rose-shaped coffee cakes. 

Other recent activities with the girls have included swimming at the YMCA's outdoor pool last Saturday, overnight visits, going to Grandpa's presentation at Poetry Plus on Tuesday night, and several trips with their mom to a new splash pad park in Fishers.  All of this in only a few days of summer vacation!

And next Tuesday, Delaney and I will tag along with Steve when he attends the annual UPA meeting in Portland, Oregon.  Can't wait! 

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