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Let there be Music

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We are getting pretty excited for the guy's percussion concert on Sunday.  They haven't performed on the same stage for probably 9 or 10 years now.  The marimba piece they did at church on Sunday brought applause when they finished, so hopefully this little "preview" will convince more people to attend the concert.  As a pleasant surprise, my folks are driving down to attend ~ they haven't been here in over four years, and we are so thrilled!!

A poem for spring

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I'm just a fool for April
I love each tender day,
More kind than March's mayhem,
Less bold than teasing May,
Sweet April's wild and lovely,
With eyes as bright as rain,
She's graceful as the bluebells
That bloom in every lane.
She startles in an instant,
Her smiles may turn to tears,
But when she laughs, a little glimpse
Of Summer's joy appears.

~Margaret Ingall

Easter Week

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Last week was packed with activity!  I returned from Minnesota on Sunday night.  Monday I spent all day doing laundry, buying some groceries and just generally getting back on track. 

Tuesday I picked up Delaney and Ella - when I arrived they were at the door, coats on, suitcases in hand ready for our Spring Break trip to Turkey Run!!  That evening  was my Poetry Plus group, so Delaney came with me to hear our guest presenter speak about saints.  She has over 40 statues of saints, and can tell something about each one.  It was quite fascinating and thought provoking and also a reminder of how God can choose to work miracles. 

The next day we left around noon for Turkey Run - what a fabulous time we had!  Hiking, bird watching, wild flowers to identify, swimming (indoor pool!), and just hanging out in the wonderful lounge.  In the evening the huge fireplace was lit - so cozy.  We started and finished a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, played checkers, Battleship and Connect Four.  We ate in the nice dining room, all good homemade food. (We all love the fried biscuits and apple butter!) On our way home Friday we stopped at the dime store in Rockville like we did last year - what a fun place, full of old fashioned items that can't be found in Target or Walmart!  We got back to Indy around 2 pm, and Taylor picked up the girls on his way home from work later on.  They were two tired vacationers!!

In the evening we went to Good Friday church, a very solemn service indeed ~ but so meaningful.

Snow in Minnesota, Monsoon in Indiana

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I drove home today, started out with a spring snowstorm and arrived here with buckets of rain falling and flooding the streets and yards.  Quite a variation for an 11 hour drive!

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