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Another sunset in paradise

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Tonight we drove out to the New Otani Beach Hotel and had dinner at the Hau Tree Lanai.  It is an absolutely beautiful setting right on the beach, made even more fascinating by the fact that the tables are situated underneath the very Hau trees that Robert Louis Stevenson lounged under during his time in Honolulu in the late 1800's.  I first ate here in 1992 and have returned many times, this being the first sunset dinner and it didn't disappoint.  The sun set with beauty and by the time we left there was a gorgeous quarter moon over the ocean and right next to it was Venus - spectacular.  We returned to the Ilikai just in time to see the weekly Hilton fireworks, and then when we walked across the hotel's open outdoor area there was a Hawaiian music trio and 2 dancers.  So we ended our night our with some beautiful island music and dancing. 

Earlier today we enjoyed a visit from Lis and Hanne who came over to see our condo and the view of the ocean.  We also spent some time on the beach this afternoon where I finished reading my second book since our arrival.  Wonderful day.

Moana Surfrider

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Our sunset dinner at the Moana was perfect - the food was all delicious, the waitress was "just right", the skies were mostly clear for the beautiful sunset and the entertainment trio played softly in the background.  We walked over and back, along the beach after dark you can see the stars quite well up over the ocean.

Earlier in the day we went to sit on the beach, Steve swam out to the coral reef to see the colorful fishes.

Today we plan to drive out to the Ko Olina resort and look around.  Maybe we will catch sight of one of the Cherrington Beachcleaners that are in use out there!

The view from our lanai

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We have arrived in Honolulu and are enjoying every minute.  William picked us up at the airport and delivered us to Waikiki - it was very strange to drive up to the Ilikai instead of Discovery Bay, and not have Steve's folks waiting to welcome us.  In fact we miss them and it is taking us awhile to hit our stride without them here to help form our days.

So far we have been able to be with Lis and Nils at the Chart House, do our beach walks and ocean time, wave hello to Steve's folks on the webcam at Duke's statue, eat lunch at the Shore Bird (perfect view of Diamond Head), lounge awhile at the Moana and end our 2nd day with another stop at the Chart House for a refreshment!

This morning we are headed out to Diamond Head, and will climb to the top and take in the panoramic view!  Not to go unmentioned however, is the spectacular view we have right from our own lanai!!

Counting the minutes

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Well, not really...but if I had the time to do it I would!  I am busy tying up alot of loose ends before we leave for Honolulu tomorrow morning.  I have suitcases packed and now I am working on the last few things on my "to do" list.  It's 15 degrees here this morning and that alone makes me appreciate the thought of the 80 degree weather we are headed to. 

Next post will be from paradise!

10 days, 10 CD's

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I have exactly 10 Hawaiian music CD's, so today began the final musical countdown.  Only 10 more days until we leave for Honolulu which means I am playing one CD each day, numerous times over, to get me in the tropical mood.  As if I needed music to do that...

Bus shenanigans

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Yesterday Delaney was telling me how cool it was that she and her seatmate Anna were now assigned to sit in one of the back seats on the school bus.  "You can get away with things when you sit back there where Miss Kathy can't see you!"  Almost afraid of the answer, I asked her "What kind of things?"  To which Delaney (with a huge grin on her face) replied "You can eat Tic Tacs!!" 

Whew!  How refreshingly innocent is that???

Like magic

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This morning I finally went and had my Christmas present massage from Matthew and Davie. The woman who did it was wonderful!!  It lasted for one hour and I was nearly unconscious with relaxation if that is possible.  Wow - what a treat.  My aches and pains are definitely less noticeable and my wrists especially feel so much better.  I will definitely be thinking about doing this more often from now on!

Watched it again, just to make sure

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I am not usually given to the Star Spangled Banner being "performed" at sporting events, but after watching Jennifer Hudson sing it at the Super Bowl tonight I must make an exception.  A huge exception - she can sing the pants off of any song she tries, and the emotion and patriotism in her rendition was felt by me all the way from Tampa to Indianapolis.  At the end of the song when she looked to the sky and raised her hand in emphasis, the tears just came - I couldn't help it.  And a little while ago I watched it again on Youtube, just to make sure...yes, it was brilliant.

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