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The snow has started to fall here in Sherwood Forest, and I just heard on the radio we may be getting up to a foot of the stuff!  That will do me just fine for winter 2009. I have been in the basement for several hours working on processing church library books - so it took me by surprise when I saw how much was already on the ground.

I tutored at Greenbriar this morning and as I left I heard the front desk ladies already talking about hoping school would be cancelled tomorrow.

Back in the day, I always did my snow dance and hoped it would do the trick. I don't remember too many snow days, but there were a few for sure. We had so many kids who lived on farms that they had to be assigned "Snow Homes" in town, just in case it got so bad that the buses couldn't get them home! 

Today is my Grandpa Evenson's birthday.  Had he lived, he would be 113 years old.  He was the funniest Norwegian I ever met - he knew so many jokes (or as he would say "yokes") and tall tales!  And always had a pack of Black Jack gum for us kids to share.  He died in 1990 and just thinking about him puts a smile on my face!

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