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The "Brothers Hatfield" percussion concert last Sunday was brilliant!  They packed the house, it was SRO!!  The variety of musical styles and percussion instruments made it enjoyable for everyone in attendance.  Matthew reprised "The Creston", an extremely difficult marimba piece that he first performed 15 years ago ~ a real highlight of the show.   Taylor wrote an unbelievaly realistic piece that he played on three snare drums entitled "Surigao Stomp".  He dedicated it to Grandpa C who fought in that battle in WWII ~ the sounds of the battle were perfectly sounded out by the fierce playing of the snares.  There were also hymns played, a "rag", a beautiful sonata, an original song for marimba that Matthew wrote,  hand drums and the grand finale which was a drumset duel (written by Taylor) followed by an encore of improv marimba jazz and drumset!

I couldn't have been more proud!!

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The concert was indeed awesome. And even better, I got to watch it from my seat rather than behind the video camera.

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